BRIGHTON Hill roundabout: Hampshire County Council is proposing a scheme to upgrade the Brighton Hill Roundabout. Several options are being investigated but the preferred scheme would include widening of lanes as with the upgrade to the Winchester Road roundabout, plus the removal of the access onto the roundabout from Western Way, although traffic would still be able to join Western Way leaving the roundabout. A public consultation will be held in September, with hopefully a venue in Hatch Warren and Beggarwood included in the consultation venues. A decision by HCC is then expected in December and, subject to funding, work will be planned to begin in 2020.

BACON rolls: Beggarwood Cafe in the Park is continuing to offer a bacon roll breakfast to customers on Saturday and Sundays. There is also fresh orange juice and Ice cream now on the menu as well. There is a great programme of children’s activities at the centre throughout the summer holidays so why not pop in and find out more.