REVEALED: Wales’ most popular cars of 2019

• Ford is Wales’ most desirable brand for new cars

• Black cars found to be Wales’ favourite, followed by Blue and then Red

• VW Golf takes overall UK title of the UK’s most popular new car model for the second year running

Wales’ most popular new car brand is Ford according to a study of the nation’s tastes, including analysis of over 38 million new car ad views online.

The research published in the UK’s Most Popular Cars 2019 report, commissioned by Auto Trader, the UK’s largest digital marketplace for new and used cars, combines a survey of 2,000 UK drivers with search data from ad views on Auto Trader’s website and app to reveal the most popular makes, models and features on the new car market.

Overall, Audi is named as this year’s most desirable new car brand with a total of 4,814,795 ad views since January 2019, overtaking BMW by almost 800,000 views and continuing the tight contest between the German brands.

However, new car buyers in Wales chose Ford as their preferred new car brand, with (28%) stating this as their preferred option.

The most popular Ford model was the Focus with 846,212 views. However, in the national results, this was beaten by the Volkswagen Golf. This is the second year in a row that the Golf has taken the top spot, showing its appeal to a broad range of car buyers.

Top 10 Most Popular Cars of 2019 (based on ad views)

1. Volkswagen Golf 1,307,303

2. Ford Focus 846,212

3. Ford Fiesta 721,306

4. Land Rover Range Rover 617,085

5. Land Rover Range Rover Sport 591,323

6. BMW 3 Series 562,623

7. Mercedes-Benz A Class 541,700

8. Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 525,550

9. Volkswagen Polo 463,548

10. Mercedes-Benz C Class 460,924

Top of Wales’ shopping list for new car features are electric windows with 49% saying this is important when selecting a new car, followed by air conditioning / climate control (48%) and a spacious boot (45%).

Amongst the least popular features are a heated steering wheel (6%), remote start function (7%) and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto (8%).

The report also reveals that Black is Wales’ most popular colour preference for a new car (25%), followed by Blue (16%) and Red (15%).

Auto Trader’s Rory Reid says: “Audi’s performance shows the strength of its brand across all classes and price brackets. From the A1 to its prestige and electric models, it has something to appeal to all tastes and budgets. Audi performed particularly well with drivers aged 34 and under, highlighting its status as a brand to which many younger motorists aspire.

“The Volkswagen Golf also performs well, outscoring top selling models such as the Ford Fiesta and Focus, indicating the strength of this evergreen brand with new car buyers.

“The most popular electric cars are consistently outscoring petrol hybrids for desirability in the eco ranges, suggesting a change in the nation’s tastes for more environmentally friendly cars and the impact of a wider roll out for charging points. For example, the top scoring electric model, the Audi E-Tron, gained 7% more interest than the top petrol hybrid, the Toyota Corolla.”

You can find brand new cars on Auto Trader at pre-haggled prices. For more information on the UK’s Most Desired New Cars report by Auto Trader click here.