A NEW leadership programme called InsideOUT has been unveiled to representatives from Basingstoke businesses and public service organisations.

Run by a charity called Common Purpose, which operates across 12 countries, offering a variety of leadership programmes, InsideOUT was launched at the headquarters of Motorola’s government and public safety business at Jays Close on the Viables Industrial Estate.

The programme invites participants to examine their own locality and leadership challenges, to reveal how each area is interconnected, to look at what the leaders can learn from each other and what they can achieve by working together.

The eight-day programme, which starts in April, aims to bring together more than 50 leaders from around the South East.

As the programme unfolds, participants will investigate their connection to each other’s locations and to London.

Speaking at the launch, attended by representatives from a variety of Basingstoke’s leading businesses including Motorola UK’s new chairman Graeme Hobbs, (OK) was Common Purpose founder and chief executive officer, Julia Middleton.

A founder and former member of independent think tank Dermos, Ms Middleton spoke about her views on responsible leadership in uncertain times.She said: “I would suggest that we need more leaders who are prepared to look outside their own space and run the risk of being known as interferers – people who will look at issues that are not their own and not just stick to what is written on their business card.”

Commenting on Basingstoke, Ms Middleton said: “There is energy here, but there is something to be done as it seems to me curious that in a relatively small place like this, there is a lack of connectivity.”

To find out more about InsideOUT, visit commonpurpose.org.uk.