GAMERS in Basingstoke now have a new place to play, as a new games shop has opened in the Top of the Town.

Opening in London Street on Saturday, July 13, The Gaming Den is one of the latest additions to the town centre.

The store provides gamers in Basingstoke with all the board and card games that they could need, with the choice of dozens of games and the space to play them in.

The shop came into being after owner Daniel Flewitt decided to turn his passion into a full-time job.

Daniel said: "I never thought that I could turn my hobby into a shop, it is something that I already loved doing and it worked on paper, and I would hate to have never done it."

Basingstoke gamers have made their presence known at the shop already, packing the building out on launch day.

Daniel, who has lived in Basingstoke for 11 years, added: "Basingstoke gamers really came out in force on Saturday, it felt non-stop, and I was really pleased with the turnout."

The shop will be hosting events for gamers and those interested in getting into gaming as a whole, with weekly board game nights and evening events for specific games planned.

This featured the inclusion of the shop's first Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer's League on Sunday, where anyone can come in and have a go at the popular role-playing game.

Daniel said: "There were 14 people that came to the first session, and that was a great turnout for the first time.

"We are looking to add more events as time goes on, including ones for children during the summer holidays. We are open from 12pm- 10pm throughout the week, and people can book tables for gaming if they like and take part.

"It's wonderful to see the big gaming community in Basingstoke, and we're hoping to see more people soon."