A HR consultancy has staged a workshop on the importance of workplace wellbeing.

Basingstoke-based HR consultancy Reality HR invited business owners and line managers to the free introductory event held yesterday (Wednesday) at the firm's base in Lutyens Close.

The event featured Reality HR partner with wellbeing consultancy - The Wellbeing Project, to provide an overview of the five pillars of workplace resilience and wellbeing. It is designed to help businesses and line managers learn about their own resilience, allowing them to better understand the resilience of their employees.

Sally-Ann Hall-Jones, chief executive officer of Reality HR said: “A company’s biggest asset is its people, many of which spend most of their adult life at work, so its vital employers invest in them, and part of that investment is taking their health and happiness seriously.

“Doing this will often also result in lower levels of sickness absence, and companies which invest in their staff, and their health and wellbeing are attractive to candidates.

“It’s also important that businesses and line managers learn about their own wellbeing and resilience so that they are able to better understand what their employees need. This session will give them the tools they need go away and do that.”