ED Miliband's infamous pledge stone was made by local firm of stonemasons stoneCIRCLE.

The 8ft 6in tall stone slab, unveiled at a high profile launch in Hastings, just before the general election had the Labour Party’s key election promises carved on it.

Becoming a source of ridicule it has since been found in a warehouse in south-east London.

StoneCIRCLE director Steve Vanhinsbergh, was not able to discuss the work as the company had signed a confidentiality clause.

The making of the stone slab is thought to have cost around £30,000.When the then Labour leader unveiled the stone Mr Miliband said: “These six pledges are now carved in stone. They are carved in stone because they won’t be abandoned after the election.”

Set up by their father Bernard Vanhinsbergh in 1968, stoneCIRCLE is run by brothers Jeff and Steve, who according to reports in the national press, happen to be Tory supporters.

The successful business based on the A339 Kingsclere Road, in Wootton St Lawrence, has a reputation for specialist stone projects and created part of the Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park.