EVER innovative, social media start-up company CubeSocial has just launched a new app that could help businesses cash in on their expertise.

Called HonestyBoxx, the app can be added to the websites of business and entrepreneurs, who find themselves frequently being asked for their expert advice.

CubeSocial’s chief executive officer Linda Cheung, based at Grove House, in Chineham Court, said HonestyBoxx can help start-ups, small businesses and individuals access affordable expertise from lawyers, accountants, consultants and other services professionals, and helps professionals from across the globe to find new clients.

Linda said: “As a small business providing services to clients, you’ll no doubt have found people contacting you asking for 10 or 15 minutes of your time to give them your expert advice for free.

“At the same time, there are a whole host of other people who are put off seeking the advice of professionals by the expectation of high fees and long contracts, often turning to internet forums for guidance instead.

“What’s missing is a simple way for people to get expert advice from trusted professionals at a fair price.

“When a small business adds HonestyBoxx to their blog or website they’re telling visitors that they are happy to answer their questions in exchange for a fair fee.

“By providing an easy way to collect questions and payment from website visitors, HonestyBoxx instantly provides a new source of revenue and a stream of warm leads for larger pieces of work.”

With HonestyBoxx, the buyer asks their question and says how much they would be happy to pay in the same vein as honesty boxes seen outside small shops.

Linda explained: “In exchange, professionals get to demonstrate their expertise and build trust so that when the buyer needs a larger piece of work, they'll be the first people they think of.

“By helping buyers to connect with profess-ionals around the globe, we’re changing the game for the little guy. Now small businesses, start-ups and individuals anywhere can get the expert advice they need to solve their problems and make informed decisions.

“And, by helping small businesses reach a new market for their expertise, we're providing them with a stream of warm leads and clients at a time when new business is at a premium.

“The services sector has remained largely unchanged by ecommerce and the internet, but with the current economic climate, we believe the time is right for change.

“These days the initial hook is provided by websites and blog posts. HonestyBoxx provides the next step so that experts can earn directly from their websites.”

Linda, who was an executive director at Morgan Stanley, was The Gazette’s Local Business Accelerators winner last year. She went into business in 2009 with former Microsoft lead program manager Mark Bower.