RESEARCH and development is crucial to get a product to market – as can be seen with DAVAL which won the Innovation Excellence Award.

The business is run by David Gosley, along with fellow director Jo Harris, and they have developed an ingenious product that uses audio signals to dispel nausea.

Called Nevasic, the product is undergoing trials for use by the NHS to help treat morning sickness in pregnancy with the great benefit of having no side-effects.

Nevasic, which can also be used to ease travel sickness and even the effects of a hangover, is currently being developed as a mobile phone app to make it even more accessible.

David said: “We were blown away when HSBC came forward with a number of ideas of what we need to do.

“The apps are starting to sell and it’s only because we have had our shackles lifted with help from HSBC.

“We’ve taken 20 years to research and develop Nevasic and we’ve got to that point where we have a product to sell. So much weight has been lifted off our shoulders by the bank. And it’s because of their help, we are able to employ Oakley Mobile who have stepped up to the plate.”

David said Oakley Mobile has built an app that can be used on Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

He added: “Winning this award is unbelievable, because in 20 years we’ve not dared put our heads above the parapet for anything like this.”

Thom Thorp, head of UK external affairs at category sponsor Lilly, said: “There were some really good nominations for this category this year, showing true innovation and things that will make a difference, and these guys are clearly practising that. And they have to the potential to become massive – it’s very exciting.”