Andover BMX Club held round five of the Southern BMX regional races and enjoyed another fantastic day.

More than 400 riders, the biggest turnout Andover has had in the last few years, emphasised that this Olympic sport is growing..

Dialled Bikes donated a bike frame to help replace the items the club had stolen the week before and the races were action packed.

Team Elliot (Steve, Charlie, Oliver and Harry) had a great day with all doing well and dad Steve was interviewed by British Forces Broadcasting Services about BMX racing within the forces The club had all ages racing on the day from a young rider who had just turned four to Mark Poulter the oldest in the club Alice and Darcy, two new female riders to the club watched the racing and thought the atmosphere was electric and exciting so Alice is making her debut at the next race in Bournemouth on Sunday June 15 Club spokesman Willie Plowman said: “We thank the council who helped with equipment in getting the track ready prior to the race taking place. ‘The club was unfortunate to have been broken in to and lose a generator that had been donated to the club and a whacker plate that is used to ensure a smooth surface on the track.”

Club member Ben Broad told the Advertiser: “I started riding and racing BMX out of curiosity more than anything, and a love of riding anything on two wheels as fast as possible.

‘During my brief time at training sessions I instantly encountered a fantastic spirit of racing and clearly everyone in the club rode, firstly to enjoy themselves and secondly to race and enjoy racing experience.

‘As soon as I started riding I was instantly asked if I would be interested in racing at a regional and I thought first off that this cannot be possible, not for me!

‘But I was proved wrong as I sat on the starting hill waiting for the gate to drop at the start of my final race.

‘The regional round five of the Southern BMX competition was a superb event with an amazing atmosphere full of excitement.

‘Something I certainly felt during my races. The pump of adrenalin and thrill of racing will be something that inspires me to continue riding and racing for as long as possible.”