Round three of the V-Tec Challenge at Snetterton, Norfolk served up very mixed weather conditions for Andover lady racer Dawn Boyd.

The V-Tec’s were the first session out on Saturday to qualify on a wet, cold and windy track which was a real challenge for drivers to even stay on the black-stuff. Fastest lap times swapped hands for the whole 15 minutes and at the last moment Dawn posted a time to place her third on the grid overall - her highest ever grid slot at Snetterton.

Race one was that afternoon and the track was dry and sunny and with changed conditions Dawn had not tested the new car in the dry and settings could have been better as she suffered from understeer from the word go. She slid off track on the second corner and had to play catch up from ninth place but slowly picked off the slower cars and was back into fifth behind a V-Tec Tuner class. Gradually the gap reduced and she had a great battle for position for several corners and finally found a way through and then had to hang on to the still understeering car to the flag for fourth place overall.

Race two was a whole different ball game in monsoon conditions with rivers across the circuit and starting in fourth the wheels spun as the lights went out and it was difficult to get the car moving off the line in the standing water. Dawn was looking ready to move up at the end of the first lap when disaster struck when the car in front aquaplaned off and in avoidance Dawn lifted off the power and ended up spinning off the same way. The two cars hurtled towards the barriers and Dawn was sliding sideways and just managed to stop an inch from the Armco, while the first car was not so lucky hitting the wall head on. Wheel spinning across the grass Dawn rejoined in 11th place and over the next four laps caught and passed several slower class drivers only to lose the car again in the rivers in the same place.

Rejoining once again Dawn aquaplaned under braking and unfortunately hit an innocent slower car and with minor damage she finished the rather eventful race in seventh place but achieved the second fastest lap time.

A great team effort by Finsport places her at the top of the tables with four more rounds to race. With thanks to Spoon Sports Europe, Finsport move on to Silverstone for round four.