Having just completed the 94th season of competitive football, the Andover and District Football League are desperately keen to maintain the second division, put in last season, for the future.

Despite one or two ‘birthing pangs’, possibly to be expected after an absence off eight years, the season was successfully completed with Kingsclere Reserves crowned champions and Swallow FC runners-up.

The idea of equalising the qualities of the teams in the league by dividing them into two sections certainly worked and no one suffered cricket score defeats.

This gives an ideal introduction to adult football for those contemplating a move such as over age youth teams, new clubs formed from companies/pubs/local businesses/reserves of established clubs etc into the adult game where the standard may not be so daunting.

League secretary Gordon Hopkins says: “We have seen the demise of well established clubs in the area during this season and also seen the rise of ‘local’ clubs, but it does ask the question as to how important a successful structured local league is in the bigger picture?”

The ADFL is looking for those interested in forming new or additions to established clubs who are prepared to support the local footballing scene to avoid the inevitable scenario that could happen if clubs from the ADFL get sucked up into a supposed higher level with no input the other way round. Successful and healthy growth is dependant on a system which puts new life in one end before taking it out of the other.

Any interested in more details etc please contact the ADFL secretary: Gordon Hopkins 01264-748156 or e-mail: gordon.hopkins@talktalk.net