Our Greatest Team Parade -London 10th September 2012.

10:48pm Tuesday 11th September 2012

“OUR GREATEST TEAM PARADE – London 10th September 2012”

"Our Greatest Team Parade -London 19th September 2012"

5:33pm Tuesday 11th September 2012

“OUR GREATEST TEAM PARADE – London 10th September 2012”

"Our Man at the Games " ...So its all over..."

2:37pm Monday 13th August 2012

The Last Day – “...So it’s all over...”

"Our man at the Games" - "On the last lap"

10:01am Friday 10th August 2012

9th August 2012 – “...On the last lap...”

"Our Man at the games" - The sun shines at last.

10:42pm Wednesday 8th August 2012

8th August – “The sun shines at last”

"Our Man at the games" "Going to another game...and the medals keep coming"

9:17am Wednesday 8th August 2012

8th August – “Going to another game….and the medals keep on coming...”

Our Man at the Games" 6th August - "Is this the best Games yet?"

5:49pm Monday 6th August 2012

Monday 6th August.

"Our man at the games" Golden Super Saturday

12:51pm Sunday 5th August 2012


"Our Man at the Games" - Tickets ,lovely evenings & flags!

10:38am Saturday 4th August 2012

I spent most of the morning (3rd August) catching up on the blog (the previous one!) as well as watching the rowing. The sun was out; a warm breeze met me when I walked over to the Underground Station. I was on the late afternoon shift, so I could take it a little slowly – giving me more time to “soak up the atmosphere” - it was the first day of athletics at the Olympic Park.

"Our man at the Games" - Making friends!

11:27am Friday 3rd August 2012

My day off was all too short – by the time I had been home for a couple of nights it was back on the road again. I won’t be home again till a day or so before the Games end but I will be there on the last day for the final. So it’s the 2nd August the day after Team GB seemed to have found their inspiration delivering the first rush of gold medals. I am on the late shift today, which is a new experience; particularly looking forward to walking through the Olympic Park at night. But at West Ham station someone says Hi – shaking me out of my thoughts – I remembered him as part of a team I met on my first day going round the venues chatting to volunteers taking photographs – the “personnel” team charged with keeping our spirits up. He tells me that I am in the latest edition of the Aquatics venue newsletter chatting to me briefly – I was surprised as I had forgotten all about it but found my curiosity being stimulated while I pounded into “Workforce Check in”. I picked up an A4 photocopied sheet and there on the back was a smiling picture of myself looking back at me with a short write-up which was all very human. I was surprised that during the day a number of my colleagues referred to my “fame” – I suppose the objective of this very simple but smart initiative was to create a topic for discussion which helps to strengthen our new “unity of purpose” as a “team” – well it worked!

"Our man at the Games" - The day I met a King.

11:01am Wednesday 1st August 2012

Tuesday 31st July

Our man at the games

7:48pm Monday 30th July 2012

My son and I had a chat on the phone this morning - he lives in East London and works in Euston - his journey to work was quick with no evidence of any problems on the underground.Around the Olympic Park colleague "gamesmakers" were also reflecting in the glow of Transport for London who seem to have delivered really well on the first weekday of the Games - this is really good news.Many of us were  really concerned about how the network would cope with both regular commuters and  those visiting Stratford. I have taken to going to West Ham and walking into the Park, going that way its probably a bit longer but avoids the Westfield Shopping experience which I do find a bit over-powering - also as its about a mile to walk it makes me feel that my two way hike is helping to keep me fit - the true spirit of the Olympic Games. Lets hope I can keep this up.

The First Day !

8:51pm Sunday 29th July 2012

It was an early start - 5.00am - although the Olympic Park is not too far from where I am staying and the start time was 8.00am I was very unsure as to where to go,hence the early start. But you know, when you set your alarm for that sort of time ,as the night goes on, you wake up constantly awaiting the big blast - so I am not sure about how much sleep I had. But - it was a lovely sunny clear morning when I arrived ,everything looked bright colourful particularly the wild flower bedding. The number of people buzzing around on a Sunday morning was also a suprise particularly the large number of volunteers - like me- dressed in red,grey & purple.  

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