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    Oh sh!t.....Statemant from Krueger! That means Lallana will be sold in the next couple of days..;0(
    Will you please stop this ridiculous knee jerk cynicism, what else would you hope our club would day on Rickies departure?
    We can't offer Rickie what Liverpool offers him, he HAS given us 5 fabulous years, and it's sad he's going, but new opportunities will be offered.
    Plus if Adam and Luke get the same opportunity how can we say no?
    I believe we will still grow and develop as a club but right now I think we're being told the truth so let's judge the board and Kath by their and her actions shall we?
    Judge at the end of this transfer window.
    You're entitled to your opinion and assumptions but anyone could quite easily accuse you of building your assumptions on footings of sand. We were told by Krueger a few days ago that no transfers were going to be sanctioned until a new manager was in place and then two days later RL was virtually already an Diverpool player. He's come out and made the same noises and states that "It remains our preference not to partake in any transfers until the manager is in place"?? That to me sounds a bit open to scrutiny and is hardly an assertive comment. If he had said something along the lines of " There will DEFINATELY NOT be any transfers" or "We can ASSURE the fans NO players will be sold" then maybe we could all be as positive as you.
    Sounds to me that he's not divulging all the information and we could be reading another statement in a few days ala RL's transfer saying how they couldn't stand in the players way etc etc etc.
    I suppose we'll just have to wait and see but in the mean time I'm not getting lured into any false sense of security and that is my prerogative.
    Yes my comment may sound a tad sarcastic and down beat but I bet there are others feeling the same right now.
    On one hand we've had countless "press reports" for weeks telling us that AL and LS were "on the brink" of signing for numerous clubs and nothing about RL going anywhere.
    On the other hand we have a board statement telling us that yes we have received offers but we're rejecting them as long as we don't have a new manager, except for RL whom we let go at his request because of exceptional circumstances.
    Facts: RL has gone to Liverpool and AL and LS are still here.

    And yet you choose to believe the "press reports" over the board statement. Interesting....
    I don't believe the press reports at all. My opinion is that I have my doubts as to the statements coming from Krueger are 100% true and feel they could be smoke screens before the inevitable happens. That's my opinion.
    My post was about the statements he's made and what followed thus based on facts and there is no mention of the press anywhere in my comment.
    Maybe you should read it again if you missed my point.
    So if it's not the press reports, what makes you believe that there will be more players leaving?
    Surely, it can't be just because the board are saying that they won't be selling any players and you think they are lying?
    Would you believe them if they said they will be selling all our players?
    It's the fluffy way that the statement is worded as I've already tried to explain. I'll make it a bit easier for you shall I??
    He (Krueger) did not say they (the club) will" DEFINITELY NOT" or "CAN PROMISE" the fans that no transfers will go through before a new manager is in place.
    Instead we got "IT REMAINS OUR PREFERENCE NOT TO PARTAKE IN ANY TRANSFERS" which is not a phrase that relays any real conviction in my opinion given what had recently happened with RL.
    Oh dear, are we getting a bit tired and short tempered?
    Listen pet (since we seem to be in a patronising mood!), it will be much easier for you to get over your anxieties if you did realise that the reason he didn't say "definitely not" or "can promise" is simply because he can't, because he could end up having lied (ironic isn't it?).
    What he is saying is that the club will do everything they can to keep hold of their players, but if say AL (or other) requests a transfer and Liverpool (or other) offer us £35m+ then of course they will sell him. Every player has a price, in any club. And before you give me the Suarez example, had Real Madrid come in with an offer of £90m instead of going for Bale last season, he would probably have won the CL last week.
    Personally, I would be more concerned if our Chairman came out and told us "definitely" or "can promise"; it would definitely mean he is taking the p**s, I can promise you that...
    Not tired. Not short tempered. Just trying clarify my opinion to those who don't agree by the looks of it..."Pet"?
    While I dislike negativity I have to say that the attack on J7 here is very unjustified. I, like many fans, want to be positive and await the facts rather than panic over various press reports and rumours, however totally understand what J7 is saying here...we were reassured by Kruegar, then he contradicted the implied message he gave, by allowing Rickie to go. I wish Rickie well like most others, however, why did the transfer need to be rushed through?
    I hate the negativity on this site sometimes but I don't mean the people expressing their valid negative feelings as genuine Saints fans but the personal attacks people make on each other for having different opinions, whether positive or negative. Please save these attacks for the idiots from Poopey etc who come on here to try and wind us all up.
    At last a voice of reason,
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Southampton say they have no need to accept offers for their players

Saints chairman Ralph Krueger

Saints chairman Ralph Krueger

First published in Football

Saints have issued a statement following the departure of Rickie Lambert to Liverpool, addressing the issue of transfers and the search for a new manager.

Here it is in full...

"Southampton Football Club can confirm that we have received multiple offers for some of our players in the past weeks. This is a confirmation of the depth of the development that is ongoing in our academy and of the present standing of our first team within the Premier League.

"We are staying true to our plan and vision and, as a result, we have no need to accept any offers.

"We are deep in the process of appointing a new manager who will continue to move our club forward.

"It remains our preference not to partake in any transfers until the new manager is in place.

"Our scouting & recruitment department continues to monitor targets we have identified to improve our squad, and the new manager will have final input into our recruitment process.

"However, Southampton Football Club can confirm that it has reached agreement with Liverpool for the transfer of Rickie Lambert.

"There may be circumstances under which the club will feel it is right for a player to move on. Those circumstances have to be right for the club and the player. This is the case with Rickie’s move to Liverpool.

"When Rickie Lambert requested to leave for Liverpool, the club felt it could not stand in the way of having him fulfil his boyhood dream of playing at home.

"It will be a big challenge to replace him and our intention is to source a quality replacement who will fill his shoes now but also for many years to come.

"Chairman Ralph Krueger commented: “On behalf of the club, I would like to thank Rickie. He served with distinction and helped to take Saints from League 1 to the Premier League.

“Rickie has been a shining light in Saints’ growth and will forever remain an icon in the history of the club. He leaves with the best wishes of everyone at Southampton and will always be welcome back at St Mary’s.”

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