ADVENTURE AS went to Bilhook Lake for their latest match and Dave Stratford-Way did the business with 113lb of carp on pellet in the margin, Gary Hermon also fished close on the same tactic and netted 79lb 4oz, Scott (meatloaf) Nelson’s 73lb was a pole and pellet bag. Eighteen fished and caught.

Basingstoke Railway Club were at Cheriton Farm, where Staceys Supremo Keith Brown won it with 129lb 8oz on pole ad maggot Lyn Matthews was runner up, her pole and mag tactics produced 87lb of carp, Mick Brown’s 81lb 4oz was also a pole and maggot affair. Thirteen fished and weighed.

Camrose AC were at Whitehouse Lake and it was Brian Orchard who sorted it best with 31lb 4oz of mixed on pole and pellet, Pete Morris netted an even 20lb of mixed on the same tactic as did Bill Atkinson for his 16lb 8oz of mixed. Twelve fished with no blanks.

The Kennet Osprey match at Willow Park Middle Lake saw Keith Saunders make it two wins in a row, fishing the feeder he netted 61lb 13oz of carp, Kevin Downer caught 45lb 9oz of mixed followed by Terry Bowles on 45lb 4oz. Eleven fished some did not weigh.

In a previous club match at Dandys Ford, Saunders netted 76lb 14oz of carp on pole and pellet, Ray Shepherd put the long pole to good use and caught 71lb 6oz on pellet, Pete Newman’s 66lb 10oz was a pole and pellet catch as was Steve Telford’s 58lb. Twenty three fished some did not weigh.

Sixteen Adventure AS anglers ventured to Ivy House Lake near Swindon, where Graham Spiller won the match with 73lb 8oz of carp on pole and worm. Robin Guppy utilised pole and pellet for his 67lb of carp whilst Graham Shadwell’s 50lb 14oz all fell to the method feeder.

Camrose AC held a match at Cheriton farm where Tony Holdsworth sat in the water to net 138lb 8oz of carp on pole and caster. Jason Marcham used pole and pellet for his 133lb with Brian Swindle making the frame on 97lb 12oz. All 14 caught.

Er indoors is thinking of booking a cruise, as long as its on the River Thames I won’t mind.

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