VETERAN runner Tommy Millar raised £350 towards a new flag and harness for the Southern Branch of the Royal Scots Regiments after he completed the Brackenwood Festival 5k.

The 73-year-old is a former member of the Royal Scots Regiment and vice chairman of the Southern Branch, as well as a Sports Charity Trustee.

Millar, who wore a 100 workout T-shirt from Basingstoke Sports Centre, completed the run in a competitive time of 30min 55sec to finish 142nd of the 249 competitors.

He said: “The 100 workout T-shirt certainly created interest, but given the warm conditions, it made the run harder than expected as I would normally sport a running dry vest.” Millar is a long-serving and active member of the Sports Trust Board as well as an enthusiastic user of the Sports Centre.

His input and constructive suggestions have seen the Trust grow from its beginnings some 44 years ago to be a major part of the Basingstoke sports and wellbeing infrastructure.