BOWSAW Lake played host to 25 Kennet Ospreys last Sunday where, in a tight contest, Steve Hunt and Andy Leith weighted 70lb a piece.

The former employed the method feeder, pole and meat, the latter just the method feeder.

Tomsaz Wojik came third using the pellet wag and fishing the margin on meat to muster 64lb. Bartosz Recki used pole and paste for his 62lb 8oz on a patchy venue. Everyone caught, just.

Adventure’s trip to Greenridge Farm saw Tony Holdsworth in the driving seat with 164lb 6oz of carp on pole and pellet.

Dave Butler fished pole and paste for his 161lb 8oz. Mick Fordhan put pole and meat to good use netting 154lb 12oz, whilst Jack Gallagher did the same for his 15lb.

All 21 who fished caught.

Camrose AC were at Old Barlows Lake last Sunday and on a Scratchers Day; Bill Atkinson won with 11lb 13oz of carp and skimmers on pole and maggot.

Bob Frost came second with 10lb 6oz of mixed on pole and worm.

Match secretary Pip Seeny used pole and paste for his even 10lb of bream, while Ralph Sneddon weighted 8lb 14oz of mixed.

In total 13 fished and all caught.

I spoke to an irate owner of Broadlands Fishery Peter Beale on Tuesday and he was miffed about the rumours that his fishery had shut, due to the KHV virus.

Beale said: “There is no problem at Broadlands and the Summer League scheduled for this Sunday is definitely on.”

This information was correct as the paper went to press.

Basingstoke Railway Club were at Greenridge Farm last Saturday, where I managed to fluke a win with 113lb of carp on pole and paste.

Trevor Matthew took second place with 80lb 8oz of carp fishing shallow.

Mick Brown fished down the track on paste for his carp bag of 72lb 8oz, while Dave Edwards caught in the second half of the match pole and on pellets to record 70lb 12oz.

16 fished a patchy venue, but all caught.

Stacey’s Match Group went to Whitehouse last Sunday and Andy (Hooverman) Wicks did the business with 44lb 12oz of carp on pole and corn.

Steve Davis put 26lb 8oz of carp in the sack using pole and pellet.

Tadley Angling’s Kevin Roberts weighted in with 26lb 4oz of carp on pole and 14mm pellets, whilst Staceys supremo Keith Brown bagged 25lb 8oz. All 13 fished and caught.

Oxoid AC fished on Cottage Lake at Witherington Farm last Sunday.

Del Baulsom ran out winners with 72lb of bream and carp on pole and feeder in conjunction with maggot.

Pete Lovegrove’s 57lb 9oz came second followed by Harry Roach on 41lb 3oz and Tom Oates with 38lb 8oz. Nine fished and all caught.

I went to a wedding reception in Windsor last Saturday evening suited and booted in case I bumped into her majesty. ’er indoors whilst getting ready asked me the dreaded question.

“Do I look all right?” “Yes,” I replied. “Only all right,” she snapped.

“You look wonderful.” I said. “Don’t be funny,” she said.

“Don’t you ever think of anything nice to say?”

“A shoal of bream,” I replied. I got the look and left the room.

Catch me next week.