ADVENTURE AS went to Broadlands Lake for their latest match, and Graham Shadwell took the honours with a carp and skimmer bream bag of 40lb 8oz on pole and meat.

Colin Shepherd used pole and pellet for his 33lb 8oz of carp. Mark Blackmon used pole and corn for his carp bag of 31lb 8oz, while Bob Smethurst took 31lb 6oz of skimmers on the method feeder.

Eighteen fished an improving venue and caught.

A depleted Kennet Ospreys went to Greenridge Farm, where Glen Wills scored with 174lb 8oz of carp on pole and meat. John Timney employed a paste attack and was runner-up on 159lb. Steve Shepherd came next with a meat-caught 156lb 10oz of carp, while Andy Leith fished the pole and feeder for his 144lb 6oz.

Eleven fished and caught.

Camrose AC fished at Chaley Park last Sunday, and it was Colin Ariss who topped out with 38lb 15oz of carp caught on the pellet waggler.

Danny Williams caught three carp on paste for his 8lb 12oz. Ralph Seddons’ one carp weighed 5lb 13oz, and Pip Seeny’s one fish scaled 4lb 8oz.

Ten fished, and a dreadful day was had by all except for the large one.

An outbreak of koi herpes virus (KHV) disease has been reported in Hampshire. Anglers please make sure your nets are dry before fishing, and report any fish deaths or distressed fish to the fishery owners, as this virus affects most carp species.

Adventure AS were at MBK Pump House last week, and Darren Wright got it right, fishing pole and worm to muster 48lb 8oz of carp. Graham Hathaway also fished pole and worm for his 33lb 10oz. Colin Shepherd used pole and corn for his 33lb 6oz, while Steve Telford made up the frame on 32lb 8oz.

Eighteen fished and caught.

Basingstoke Railway Club went to Cove Pit at Theale for their latest match. Pole, pellet, and corn gave Trevor Matthews a winning 79lb of carp. John Hooley came second with 75lb, using the method feeder and pole. Ben Truman fished pole, meat and method for his 12lb, while Staceys supremo Keith Brown fished the pellet waggler for his 68lb 8oz.

Sixteen fished and caught.

Kennet Ospreys’ match at Marsh Farm saw Steve Hunt win with 39lb of tench on the pellet feeder. Mike Mahoney put pole and paste to good use by netting 37lb 4oz of tench and skimmers. Darren Dodge caught the same weight and the same species on pole and chopped worm, while André Grandjean made up the frame with 30lb 6oz.

Twenty-four fished and caught.

I purchased some new secateurs and shears for ’er indoors, as the old ones are worn out. Was she grateful? No!

Catch me next week.