LiveAS IT HAPPENED - Basingstoke and North Hants v Sarisbury Athletic

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This live event has finished


  • Sarisbury beat Basingstoke and North Hants by 49 runs
  • Bountymen's 100 per cent record comes to an end
  • Sarisbury reach 268-8 from their 50 overs
  • Basingstoke target reduced to 226 from 42 overs by rain
  • Hosts bowled out for 176


That's all for today. Join me on Tuesday, for Basingstoke Town's first pre-season match of the season away at Winchester City.



A post-match interview with a disappointed Basingstoke skipper, Chris Froud, can be found by clicking here.



Basingstoke and North Hants

C Froud c Banks b Ingram 16

P Joseph lbw b Goldstraw

D Coombs b Joe Lovett 13

C Williamson c Geyle b Goldstraw

A Niblett lbw b Jewell 44

M James run out (Geyle) 18

M Thankachan b Goldstraw 0

G Porter c Journeaux b Rawlins 23

L Benge c Goldstraw b Rawlins 18

R Connor not out 8

D Pistorius b Ingram 0

Extras 23

Total (all out, 39.2 overs) 176

Fall: 1-19, 2-35, 3-48, 4-53, 5-123, 6-124, 7-125, 8-157, 9-174, 176

Bowling: J Ingram 8.2-1-44-2, Joe Lovett 5-0-24-1, D Goldstraw 10-3-20-3, P Jewell 10-0-38-1, K Geyle 4-0-21-0, R Rawlins 2-0-15-2


So, Basingstoke's 100 per cent record is at an end. A shame and the rain really didn't help. Will be interesting to see how they respond to this.

Scorecard and reaction to follow.



Basingstoke and North Hants (7pts) lost to Sarisbury Athletic (21) by 49 runs


Dave Pistorius b Ingram 0

Basingstoke and North Hants 176 (Connor 8*) - 39.2 overs

Pistorius misses a straight one and is clean bowled to finish off the match.


Basingstoke and North Hants 176-9 (Connor 8, Pistorius 0) - 39 overs

Connor takes two from the last ball of the over. 52 needed from 18 balls.


Graham Porter c Journeaux b Rawlins 23

Basingstoke and North Hants 174-9 (Connor 6, Pistorius 0) - 38.5 overs

Singles off the first three balls, before Porter clips one into the leg side. A miss-field gives him a boundary, when it should have been one, but he is out next ball, holing out to long-off.


Basingstoke and North Hants 167-8 (Porter 18, Connor 5) - 38 overs

Singles for both batsmen off Ingram, while Connor then turns the ball off his legs for two. A similar shot from the final ball means he keeps the strike.

61 needed from 24 balls.


Basingstoke and North Hants 162-8 (Porter 17, Connor 1) - 37 overs

Ones and twos for Porter and new man in Ryan Connor. 66 needed from 30 balls.


Lawrence Benge c Goldstaw b Rawlins 18

Basingstoke and North Hants 157-8 (Porter 13, Connor 0) - 36.2 overs

A new bowler up the hill as well, Ricky Rawlins replacing Jewell. He's an off-spinner.

Benge edges his first ball fine for two, but chips the next straight to Goldstraw at midwicket.


Basingstoke and North Hants 155-7 (Porter 13, Benge 16) - 36 overs

Ingram replaces Goldstraw, who had run out of overs. Benge takes a single from his first ball, while Porter gets two from the next.

He chips into the off side for a single next up, while Benge gets one from the final ball.

73 needed from 36 balls.


Basingstoke and North Hants 150-7 (Porter 10, Benge 14) - 35 overs

Benge takes two off Jewell's first ball, before clipping him through the leg side for a single. Porter cuts for his first boundary, and then goes over point for another four.

78 needed from 42 balls.


Basingstoke and North Hants 139-7 (Porter 2, Benge 11) - 34 overs

Benge smears Goldstraw through extra cover for four, before taking a single to get off strike. Porter can't score off the last two balls though.

89 needed from 48 balls.


Basingstoke and North Hants 134-7 (Porter 2, Benge 6) - 33 overs

Each batsman takes a single off that Jewell over. 94 needed from 54 balls.


Basingstoke and North Hants 132-7 (Porter 1, Benge 5) - 32 overs

Goldstraw bowls four dots before sending down a high full toss that is called a no-ball. Porter also takes one run, but there aren't any more.

96 needed from 60 balls.


Basingstoke and North Hants 130-7 (Porter 0, Benge 5) - 31 overs

Jewell continues. Five dot balls before Benge drives him down the ground for four.


Basingstoke and North Hants 126-7 (Porter 0, Benge 1) - 30 overs

Lawrence Benge gets off the mark with a single, but there are no further runs.


Matt Thankachan b Goldstraw 0

Basingstoke and North Hants 125-7 (Porter 0, Benge 0) - 29.2 overs

Goldstraw comes back into the attack. He starts with a wide, but his third ball sees him hit leg stump with Thankachan trying to work him into the leg side.


Andrew Niblett lbw b Jewell 44

Basingstoke and North Hants 124-6 (Thankachan 0, Porter 0) - 29 overs

Matt Thankachan is the new batsman and he gets off strike by taking a leg-bye. Niblett has big swings at the next two deliveries, before being trapped in front off the last ball, attempting to clip into the leg side. That might be the game.


Martyn James run out (Geyle) 18

Basingstoke and North Hants 123-5 (Niblett 44, Thankachan 0) - 28.2 overs

The light has improved, so we might get 42 overs in, which means Basingstoke could have a squeak.

That's not helped though. Trying to run two, James is run out.


Basingstoke and North Hants 122-4 (Niblett 44, James 17) - 28 overs

A single for each batsman off Geyle. Niblett then takes another single, before James clips one off his legs for four. Another single to end the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 114-4 (Niblett 42, James 11) - 27 overs

James takes a single off Jewell, before Niblett smashes a straight six into Bounty Road and takes another single.


Basingstoke and North Hants 106-4 (Niblett 35, James 10) - 26 overs

Geyle continues. James takes a leg-bye, before the bowler sends down a wide. Niblett then sweeps him for four.


Basingstoke and North Hants 100-4 (Niblett 31, James 10) - 25 overs

Jewell bowls five dots to James before he picks up a single off the final delivery - and we have a game.


Basingstoke and North Hants 99-4 (Niblett 31, James 9) - 24 overs

Geyle continues, with James taking a single from his second ball. Niblett is having trouble picking the ball up and there are no more runs.


Basingstoke and North Hants 98-4 (Niblett 31, James 8) - 23 overs

Jewell starts with a leg-side wide, which costs Sarisbury three runs. Two dots complete the over.


The players are back out and we are ready to re-start. It's very dark though.


I would be amazed if we got to 42 overs with the light as it is though. Basingstoke need to smash it around a bit now to try and get up with the rate.


The covers are coming off, with play due to resume at 7.15pm. Basingstoke will be chasing a reduced target of 226 to win, from 42 overs.

That's 131 from 19.2 overs, or 116 balls.


It has stopped raining, and the umpires are out having a look at the pitch. Not sure that will be much of a problem, but the light is another matter.


It's a strange situation we find ourselves in here.

Sarisbury were close to winning. If the game goes 25 overs, they will almost certainly come out on top.

However, at the same point in their innings, the visitors were 74-3, so 21 runs behind with an extra wicket in hand, so there's nothing in it if we were to complete a 50-over game.

Bear with me, we could be here a while.


It's coming down quite hard now, and it's pretty dark. That might be all the play we get.

If that is the case, today's efforts will count for nothing and be forgotten, which is a shame.

However, we only need another 2.2 overs to get a 25-over game, so the match could re-start as late as 8.12pm.

If that was the case, Basingstoke would need 40 runs from 14 balls, but we could have any number of overs. Either way, Basingstoke are behind.



Basingstoke and North Hants 95-4 (Niblett 31, James 8) - 22.4 overs

James glances Jewell's first ball to fine leg for four, and they then run a leg bye. Hang on though, the rain has got heavier, and we're off.



Basingstoke and North Hants 90-4 (Niblett 31, James 4) - 22 overs

New bowler for Sarisbury, with left-arm spinner Kieran Geyle coming on.

Two dots and a wide before Niblett smashes him over the sightscreen for six. No further scoring.


Basingstoke and North Hants 83-4 (Niblett 25, James 4) - 21 overs

Jewell continues and Niblett takes a single from his second ball, but that's all they can muster.


Basingstoke and North Hants 82-4 (Niblett 24, James 4) - 20 overs

The clouds continue to build. If we get to 25 overs, we will have a match, and Basingstoke are way behind the run-rate of 5.36-an-over.

A single to James off Ingram's second ball, while Niblett cleans the next, but it's straight to a fielder and almost a run-out.

He takes a single next ball, while the last sees James get two thanks to an overthrow.


Basingstoke and North Hants 78-4 (Niblett 23, James 1) - 19 overs

Niblett takes one from Jewell's first ball. James gets off the mark with a cut to deep point for a single.


Basingstoke and North Hants 76-4 (Niblett 22, James 0) - 18 overs

Ingram continues, but Niblett deposits his first ball over the fielder and deep square leg boundary for six.

He takes a well-run three through mid-off from the next, but James cannot add any more to the score. 20 balls without scoring for him, but he looks solid.


Basingstoke and North Hants 67-4 (Niblett 13, James 0) - 17 overs

Phil Jewell replaces Goldstraw up the hill. He's a right-arm medium pacer.

He throws in a leg-side wide second ball, with a stumping appeal falling on deaf ears. James blocks out the rest of the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 66-4 (Niblett 13, James 0) - 16 overs

Ingram continues and is on track for a maiden before he drops one short, allowing Niblett to pull him for four. Another four of the last ball as well. Much needed.


Basingstoke and North Hants 58-4 (Niblett 5, James 0) - 15 overs

Goldstraw continues up the hill and almost has a wicket as Banks, standing up fails to hold on when James gets an edge. Niblett had earlier got a single, while four byes follow next ball and Banks drops back behind the stumps.


Basingstoke and North Hants 53-4 (Niblett 4, James 0) - 14 overs

Another maiden, this time for Ingram. There are a few dark clouds around. Could rain save the Bountymen?



Basingstoke and North Hants 53-4 (Niblett 4, James 0) - 13 overs

Niblett sees out the rest of the over and that's a wicket-maiden for Goldstraw.


Craig Williamson c Geyle b Goldstraw 11

Basingstoke and North Hants 53-4 (Niblett 4, James 0) - 12.1 overs

Williamson goes for the pull but gets a top edge and Geyle makes up ground from slip to take the catch. He did his best to drop it though.


Basingstoke and North Hants 53-3 (Williamson 11, Niblett 4) - 12 overs

A couple of dots before Williamson drops one into the off side for one. Niblett's first ball sees him smash four over extra cover.


Chris Froud c Banks b Ingram 16

Basingstoke and North Hants 48-3 (Williamson 10, Niblett 0) - 11.1 overs

Ingram, who bowled the opening over, comes down the hill. His first ball is a short ball the Froud top-edges straight up in the air, giving wicket-keeper Banks an easy catch.


Basingstoke and North Hants 48-2 (Froud 16, Williamson 10) - 11 overs

Froud takes a single off the opening ball as Goldstraw continues, before Williamson clips him to the square leg boundary for four off the back foot.


Basingstoke and North Hants 43-2 (Froud 15, Williamson 6) - 10 overs

Lovett to continue. Another short ball, another hook, with Williamson getting four for that.

A single off the fourth delivery gets Froud on strike, with a bouncer greeting him first up, but he takes a single off the last ball.


Basingstoke and North Hants 37-2 (Froud 14, Williamson 1) - 9 overs

Goldstraw bowls four dots before Williamson runs a leg-bye. Another maiden over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 36-2 (Froud 14, Williamson 1) - 8 overs

Lovett is given the ball again, with Williamson facing. Just one off the over, but the final ball should have been Froud's last. He edged straight to Goldstraw at third slip, but the fielder couldn't hold on.


Basingstoke and North Hants 35-2 (Froud 14, Williamson 0) - 7 overs

Goldstraw continues and bowls a maiden over to Froud.


Basingstoke and North Hants 35-2 (Froud 14, Williamson 0) - 6 overs

Left-hander Craig Williamson leaves the last two deliveries of the over alone.


Dan Coombs b Lovett 13

Basingstoke and North Hants 35-2 (Froud 14, Williamson 0) - 5.4 overs

Lovett's short-ball tendancy catches him out as Coombs hooks him for first six and then four.

Next comes a leg-side wide, but the following delivery is a peach, beating Coombs all ends up and clipping the top off off-stump.



Basingstoke and North Hants 24-1 (Froud 14, Coombs 3) - 5 overs

Two for Froud through point, but he is then hit square on the box by Goldstraw. Painful. No further scoring.


Basingstoke and North Hants 22-1 (Froud 12, Coombs 3) - 4 overs

Lovett continues down the hill. He loves a short ball, but just two off the over, despite his final ball looking like an overhead wide.


Basingstoke and North Hants 20-1 (Froud 12, Coombs 1) - 3 overs

Coombs gets lucky first ball, popping the ball up in the air on the leg side but seeing it drop safe for a single.


Patrick Joseph lbw b Goldstraw 2

Basingstoke and North Hants 19-1 (Froud 12, Coombs 0) - 2.4 overs

A really early bowling change as Dan Goldstraw replaces Ingram up the hill. He's a left-arm seamer.

His first ball beats the right-handed Joseph all ends up outside off stump. A dot, but then Joseph hits two through extra cover.

The next ball strikes Joseph above the knee roll after he took a stride down the pitch. Sarisbury appeal and the umpire raises his finger, but that looked high.


Basingstoke and North Hants 17-0 (Froud 12, Joseph 0) - 2 overs

Another right-arm seamer, Joe Lovett, bowls down the hill. He's seriously quick, but his first delivery goes for a leg-bye.

That's it until the last ball, an attempted bouncer that Froud hooks for four to backward square leg.


Basingstoke and North Hants 12-0 (Froud 8, Joseph 0) - 1 over

That's a good start, Froud smearing the first delivery from right-arm seamer Ingram through point for four. A dot but then four leg byes.

Another dot before Froud takes two through deep midwicket. He gets lucky off the last ball, just clearing midwicket to pick up another two. It ballooned up in the air, but there was nobody under it.


A quick turnaround and the players are back out for the second innings. Froud and Joseph to open for Basingstoke, with James Ingram taking the new ball first.

Pleased to say that the sun is out.



Sarisbury Athletic

R Rawlins c Benge b James 25

A Norris run out (Porter) 21

K Geyle c James b Porter 3

D Banks c Porter b Coombs 77

M Miller c Niblett b Pistorius 13

M Journeaux c Benge b Porter 43

Joe Lovett not out 36

Jack Lovett b Coombs 10

D Goldstraw run out 22

J Ingram not out 0

Extras 18

Total (for 8 wickets, 50 overs): 268

Fall: 1-42, 2-56, 3-56, 4-81, 5-178, 6-203, 7-230, 8-258

Bowling: M James 10-5-10-1, R Connor 4-0-31-0, G Porter 9-1-39-2, D Pistorius 10-2-46-1, P Joseph 6-0-32-0, M Thankachan 8-0-60-0, Coombs 3-0-37-2



Sarisbury Athletic set Basingstoke and North Hants 269 to win from 50 overs

A good score for the visitors, who were much better after the rain break. Could be a close-run thing.


Sarisbury 268-8 (Joe Lovett 36, Ingram 0) - 50 overs

Lovett smashes the penultimate ball of the innings over the sightscreen for six, before creaming the final delivery through extra cover for four.


Dan Goldstraw run out (Benge) 22

Sarisbury Athletic 258-8 (Joe Lovett 26, Ingram 0) - 49.4 overs

A single to Lovett off the first ball gets Goldstraw on strike. He takes two, before smashing Coombs over cow corner, with Connor doing well to save the boundary and keep him down to two.

He's on his way now though, run out after going for a run when the ball went through to Benge.


Sarisbury Athletic 253-7 (Joe Lovett 25, Goldstraw 18) - 49 overs

Thankachan to bowl the final over up the hill, but that's a bad start, Goldstraw smashing him for six over long on. That ball is lost.

He goes for another big shot next ball, but misses, before taking a single into the leg side.

Lovett sweeps the next for four, the next is a single allowing Goldstraw to deposit the final delivery into Bounty Road for another six.


Sarisbury Athletic 235-7 (Joe Lovett 20, Goldstraw 5) - 48 overs

Left-hander Dan Goldstaw is off the mark with a four through backward square leg, before taking a single down the ground off the last ball.


Jack Lovett b Coombs 10

Sarisbury Athletic 230-7 (Joe Lovett 20, Goldstraw 0) - 47.4 overs

Coombs continues and sees Joe Lovett smash his first ball for four and his next for six. A single off the next delivery gets Jack on strike but a low full toss does for him, smashing into the bottom of middle stump.


Sarisbury Athletic 219-6 (Joe Lovett 9, Jack Lovett 10) - 47 overs

A single for Joe Lovett, before his brother Jack cuts Thankachan fine for four. Another two, before he survives an appeal for leg before wicket, but he sweeps the final ball to fine leg for four.


Sarisbury Athletic 208-6 (Joe Lovett 9, Jack Lovett 0) - 46 overs

Joe Lovett cuts Coombs for four, before taking a single to keep the strike.


Dave Banks c Porter b Coombs 77

Sarisbury Athletic 203-6 (Joe Lovett 3, Jack Lovett 0) - 45.4 overs

Coombs replaces Porter down the hill. Two dot balls before Lovett takes the single to get Banks on strike.

He goes for a big shot straight away, but picks out Porter at long off and he holds on to take a big wicket.


Sarisbury Athletic 202-5 (Banks 77, Joe Lovett 3) - 45 overs

Thankachan begins with two dot balls before Lovett takes a single to long off. Banks just clears Williamson at point to pick up another boundary and bring up 200 with the penultimate ball.


Sarisbury Athletic 197-5 (Banks 73, Joe Lovett 2) - 44 overs

Porter continues. Banks takes a two before hitting a boundary over long leg. Two more twos, to deep square leg and mid off, before another four through point. 14 off the over.


Sarisbury Athletic 183-5 (Banks 59, Joe Lovett 2) - 43 overs

Thankachan's over begins with a single for Banks. Two dots and then a single for Lovett. Another single for Banks, but again, just three off the over. Much better.


Sarisbury Athletic 180-5 (Banks 57, Joe Lovett 1) - 42 overs

New man Lovett gets off the mark with a single from his third ball. A single off the last delivery keeps Banks on strike, but that's a really good over for the hosts.


Matt Journeaux c Benge b Porter 43

Sarisbury Athletic 178-5 (Banks 56, Joe Lovett 0) - 41.1 overs

Porter comes back into the attack. Immediate results as his first ball is edged through to Benge by Journeaux. A big wicket for the hosts.


Sarisbury Athletic 178-4 (Banks 56, Journeaux 43) - 41 overs

Thankachan continues. Six off the over in ones, twos and leg-byes.


Sarisbury Athletic 172-4 (Banks 52, Journeaux 42) - 40 overs

Just three off that over from Pistorius, his last. All of them came in singles.


Sarisbury Athletic 169-4 (Banks 50, Journeaux 41) - 39 overs

Thankachan continues. Two singles and a wide before another dropped catch, this time James failing to hold on to a sharp chance at midwicket, with the resulting single bringing up Banks' half-century.


Sarisbury Athletic 165-4 (Banks 48, Journeaux 40) - 38 overs

Before the break, Basingstoke were on top. Now, with the ball wet and Sarisbury going for their shots, they are very much on the back foot.

That's better though, just three singles from that Pistorius over.


Sarisbury Athletic 162-4 (Banks 46, Journeaux 39) - 37 overs

Basingstoke need to break this partnership, and soon. A single from Journeaux is followed by Banks cutting Thankachan through point for another four. 

A single to the same spot, and four through backward square leg completes another costly over.


Sarisbury Athletic 152-4 (Banks 41, Journeaux 34) - 36 overs

Pistorius has replaced Joseph, so we have spin at both ends now. Journeaux carries on where he left off against the left-armer, driving through extra cover for four.

Pistorius sends down a leg-side wide, before a tickle down the leg side gives Journeaux another two. 

A single gets Banks on strike and he pulls just over Coombs at square leg to take six off the final delivery. The fielder got a hand to it, but it was just too high.


Sarisbury Athletic 138-4 (Banks 35, Journeaux 27) - 35 overs

Off-spinner Thankachan replaces Pistorius up the hill. His first four balls go for singles, before he makes a good save to deny Journeaux a boundary. Another single off the last ball.


Sarisbury Athletic 133-4 (Banks 33, Journeaux 24) - 34 overs

Joseph hits Journeaux in a delicate area with his first ball. The batsman goes for the next delivery, but miss-hits and is almost caught by Porter at extra cover.

Two runs followed by three consecutive singles and a four for Banks through point. That's the 50 partnership.


Sarisbury Athletic 124-4 (Banks 28, Journeaux 20) - 33 overs

Journeaux takes a liking to Pistorius' first ball, depositing it for six into Bounty Road. That's the first maximum of the inning, and it took a while to find the ball.

Good response from the bowler though, tying him up in knots next ball, but the next delivery is cut for four. Plenty of intent shown by the batsmen since the break.

A single followed by two dot balls to Banks ends the over.


Sarisbury Athletic 113-4 (Banks 28, Journeaux 9) - 32 overs

Another chance goes begging as Craig Williamson fails to hold on to a sharp chance at point from Joseph's first ball. Would have been a great catch but he got a hand to it and Journeaux gets two.

Four leg-byes next up and another off the final ball.


Sarisbury Athletic 106-4 (Banks 28, Journeaux 7) - 31 overs

Pistorius bowls the first over following the resumption, and he should have a wicket with his first ball, Benge missing a stumping chance against Journaux.

Three down the ground for Journeaux takes the score beyond 100, while Banks then drives through cover for four.


The rain has stopped and the covers are coming off. We should be back under way soon, with no overs lost yet due to the early tea.


An early tea is being taken. Looks like it has stopped raining, so hopefully we'll have some more cricket soon.


At the moment, the rain is no worse than it was when they were playing. However, they won't go back out until it stops.

Half an hour and then we will start losing overs, but only from the Basingstoke innings. We will need to play at least another 45 overs, 50 for Sarisbury and at least 25 for Basingstoke, to get a game in.

Looks unlikely at the moment. Very little brightness around.



A quick conflab at the end of the over and the umpires take the teams off. It's raining quite hard and there's not much brightness around.


Sarisbury Athletic 99-4 (Banks 24, Journeaux) - 30 overs

Joseph continues amid a spell of heavier drizzle. Just a single for Journeaux. They could be coming off soon.


Sarisbury Athletic 98-4 (Banks 24, Journeaux 3) - 29 overs

Pistorius rattles through a maiden bowling at Banks.


Sarisbury Athletic 98-4 (Banks 24, Journeaux 3) - 28 overs

Another one to Journeaux off Joseph's first ball. Banks then goes aerial to get four over extra cover despite a valient effort to stop it from Connor. 

A single to third man gets Journeaux back on strike, while Joseph's shy at the stumps hits his pad and gives him a single. A leg bye off the final ball completes a bit of a messy over.


Sarisbury Athletic 90-4 (Banks 19, Journeaux 1) - 27 overs

Journeaux gets off the mark with a single, but that's the only score off Pistorius' over.


Sarisbury Athletic 89-4 (Banks 19, Journeaux 0) - 26 overs

Joseph continues, with Banks getting a thick edge and sending the second delivery down to third man for four. Another four off the last ball, Banks driving him through mid-off and to the rope.


Sarisbury Athletic 81-4 (Banks 11, Journeaux 0) - 25 overs

New batsman Matt Journeaux cannot get Pistorius away and that's a wicket-maiden for the spinner.


Mark Miller c Niblett b Pistorius 13

Sarisbury Athletic 81-4 (Banks 11, Journeaux 0) - 24.1 overs

A soft dismissal as Miller dangles his bat and edges to The Kiwi Express at slip. Drinks are taken five balls early.


Sarisbury Athletic 81-3 (Banks 11, Miller 13) - 24 overs

A change of bowling down the hill, with right-arm seamer Joseph replacing Porter. Andrew Niblett, aka The Kiwi Express, must still be struggling with a shoulder injury.

Joseph's second delivery is a wide, before Banks takes one to cover. Three more singles complete the over.


Sarisbury Athletic 76-3 (Banks 9, Miller 11) - 23 overs

Pistorius' second over starts with four dots, before Miller gets two through the covers.


Sarisbury Athletic 74-3 (Banks 9, Miller 9) - 22 overs

Porter is bowling well, keeping things tight. Miller takes a single with a glance to third man, but Banks spoils the over by driving him through the covers for four off the final ball.


Sarisbury Athletic 69-3 (Banks 5, Miller 8) - 21 overs

Left-arm spinner Dave Pistorius replaces James up the hill. Miller takes a single from his third delivery. That's too full, and Banks smears the final delivery through the covers for four.


Sarisbury Athletic 64-3 (Banks 1, Miller 7) - 20 overs

It's not raining, but it's pretty dark now. A good stop from Coombs at cover denies Miller a run, but he gets one through point next ball.

That's streaky, Banks getting off the mark with a single, the ball just evading Joseph at backward point. Would have been an excellent catch.

Miller takes another single off the last delivery from Porter.


Sarisbury Athletic 61-3 (Banks 0, Miller 5) - 19 overs

James bowls the final over of another excellent spell. Another maiden, ending with a half-hearted appeal for a catch at slip. Figures of 10-5-10-1.


Sarisbury Athletic 61-3 (Banks 0, Miller 5) - 18 overs

Four dot balls from Porter before he drops one short. Miller is far from comfortable, with his hook shot going for four behind him, off the top edge. Could have gone anywhere.


Sarisbury Athletic 57-3 (Banks 0, Miller 1) - 17 overs

Right-hander Mark Miller is the next man in. He gets off the mark with the final ball of the over to keep the strike.


Ricky Rawlins c Benge b James 25

Sarisbury Athletic 56-3 (Banks 0, Miller 0) - 16.1 overs

That's a sharp catch from wicket-keeper Lawrence Benge, standing up to the stumps. Basingstoke are right on top now.


Sarisbury Athletic 56-2 (Rawlins 26, Banks 0) - 16 overs

Captain, wicket-keeper/batsman and occasional bowler Dave Banks is the new man at the crease. The right-hander is the division's leading scorer.

Porter has him tied up in knots second ball, but Banks survives and sees out the over. A wicket-maiden for Porter, who has made a real difference since coming into the attack.


Kieran Geyle c James b Porter 3

Sarisbury Athletic 56-2 (Rawlins 25, Banks 0) - 15.2 overs

Almost a mix-up between the batsmen, but the survive. Geyle only lasts until the next ball though. He looked uncomfortable out there and edges Porter to James at second slip.


Sarisbury Athletic 56-1 (Rawlins 25, Geyle 3) - 15 overs

Still a bit of rain in the air. Brian the groundsman has the covers ready, but there's not much sign of them coming off and it looks like it might get brighter.

James continues and there's quite a big appeal for leg before against Geyle, but the umpire is unmoved. 

That's almost a chance as well, Geyle getting an edge that dropped short of the slips, while a leg-bye completes the over.


Sarisbury Athletic 55-1 (Rawlins 25, Geyle 3) - 14 overs

Rawlins gets two after a bit more sloppy fielding from Thankachan, this time at square leg. He then carves Porter through point for the first boundary in a while.


Sarisbury Athletic 49-1 (Rawlins 19, Geyle 3) - 13 overs

A miss-field from Matt Thankachan in the covers gives Rawlins a single, so Geyle faces James for the first time. He beats the bat a couple of times and there is no further scoring.


Sarisbury Athletic 48-1 (Rawlins 18, Geyle 3) - 12 overs

Kieran Geyle faces Porter, taking two off his second ball through leg side. Singles for both batsmen, before Geyle leaves the final delivery alone outside off stump.


Sarisbury Athletic 44-1 (Rawlins 17, Geyle 0) - 11 overs

James begins with three dot balls, before two leg-byes add a couple to the score. They turn out to be the only score of another maiden over.


Archie Norris run out (Porter) 21

Sarisbury Athletic 42-1 (Rawlins 17, Geyle 0) - 10 overs

Graham Porter replaces Connor down the hill. Can his extra pace worry the batsmen?

They certainly can't get him away, with just a single for Rawlins. 

Hang on though, what's happened here. Norris hits the final ball of the over back down the pitch to Porter and his shy at the stumps has the batsman run out.

Excellent work from the bowler there. Norris just switched off and didn't ground his bat.


Sarisbury Athletic 41-0 (Rawlins 16, Norris 21) - 9 overs

A leg-bye gets Norris back on strike, but James is getting the ball to nibble off the surface, beating the bat a couple of times on his way to a maiden over.


Sarisbury Athletic 40-0 (Rawlins 16, Norris 21) - 8 overs

Connor seems to be stuggling, but he continues down the hill.

His first two deliveries are driven straight past him for four by Norris, with the second just evading Graham Porter.

Both batsmen then pick up singles, before a thick edge bounces short of Joseph at backward point. An expensive over.


Sarisbury Athletic 30-0 (Rawlins 15, Norris 12) - 7 overs

A single for each batsman, and Rawlins takes two through fine leg off the last ball.


Sarisbury Athletic 26-0 (Rawlins 12, Norris 11) - 6 overs

Rawlins gets off strike with a single first ball, before Connor sends down a leg-side wide.

A half-hearted appeal for leg before wicket is turned down, before Norris plays off his pads through the leg side for four. Another four off the last ball, through third man.

Rain's getting harder now.


Sarisbury Athletic 16-0 (Rawlins 11, Norris 3) - 5 overs

A leg bye gets Norris off strike, but that's the only score of the over. Bit of rain in the air, but they look like they're going to carry on.


Sarisbury Athletic 15-0 (Rawlins 11, Norris 3) - 4 overs

Connor gives Rawlins a bit of width first up and the opener goes aerial, driving over cover for four. A single completes the scoring for the over.


Sarisbury Athletic 10-0 (Rawlins 5, Norris 3) - 3 overs

James begins with a couple of dots, before straying onto Norris' legs and being glanced down the leg side for two. Three more dots complete the over.


Sarisbury Athletic 8-0 (Rawlins 6, Norris 1) - 2 overs

Right-arm seamer Ryan Connor opens the bowling down the hill, with Norris facing.

He seems keen to get scoring. A good stop from Connor denies him runs off the second ball, while Dan Coombs does well to stop the next at extra cover, keeping him down to one.

Rawlins then smears one through point for the first boundary of the innings, with Connor then sending down a leg-side wide.


Sarisbury Athletic 2-0 (Rawlins 2, Norris 0) - 1 over

Right-hander Rawlins faces right-arm seamer James first. The opening three balls are dots, before the batsman takes a two into the off-side. Two more dots complete the over.


The stumps are in the ground and we are ready to get under way. Ricky Rawlins and Archie Norris will open the batting, with Martyn James bowling the first over for the hosts.


Weather-wise, it's overcast, with the threat of showers. Could be a rain-interupted afternoon.

Here come the teams.



Home skipper Chris Froud has won the toss and chosen to field. It's been a damp few hours, so he will be hoping his bowlers can get something out of the pitch.



Just one change to the Basingstoke team that beat Andover two weeks ago, with captain Chris Froud replacing Steve Bucksey. He will open alongside Patrick Joseph, with Dan Coombs moving down to bat at three.

Basingstoke and North Hants: Froud, Joseph, Coombs, Williamson, Niblett, James, Porter, Thankachan, Benge, Connor, Pistorius.

Sarisbury Athletic: Rawlins, Norris, Jack Lovett, Geyle, Banks, Journeaux, Joe Lovett, Miller, Ingram, Goldstraw, Jewell.


Good afternoon and welcome to live over-by-over coverage from May's Bounty, where second-placed Basingstoke and North Hants are hosting third-placed Sarisbury Athletic in Southern League Division One.


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