LOCAL rod Simon (The God) Kiefer won his way through to the Maver Match This final last Saturday, at Viaduct Fishery in Somerset, with 120 of the country’s top anglers fishing.

Simon, representing his team, Drennan Bordon, put 172lb of pole and meat-caught carp in the sack for an emphatic win.

The result not only guarantees him a place in the final at tackle giants Mavers’ Larford Lakes and a shot at the £50,000-plus top prize, but also automatic entry into the British Pole Championships.

Not content with that, Simon fished the first round of the summer league at Broadlands Lake the following day, and duly won with 39lb of roach, fishing shallows on pole and caster. Not a bad weekend’s work!

Adventure AS fished their latest match at Greenridge Farm, where Mick Fordham did the business with 226lb of carp on pole and meat close in.

Graham Shadwell fished with paste down the track and put 167lb 4oz on the scales. In-form Colin Shepherd used pole and paste for his 164lb 12oz, while Mark Blackmond caught 144lb on pole and corn.

Sixteen fished and 11 weighed over 100lb.

Kennet Ospreys’ match at Willingshurst put Bartosz Recki on the podium with 62lb 14oz of carp on paste at distance. Tomasz Wojcik used a similar method for his 60lb 14oz. Mark Parsons also used paste and pole for his even 47lb, while Roger Beale made up the frame on 43lb.

Sixteen fished a patchy venue.

Oxoid AC went to Frobury Match Lake One last Sunday, where Geoff North topped out on 52lb 6oz of carp on pole and pellet. Pete Matthews fished the feeder and maggot to net 38lb 6oz. Match secretary Pete Lovegrove pole and magged it for 30lb 3oz of mixed, while Harry Roach caught 16lb 14oz.

Seven fished and caught.

Camrose AC went to Whitehouse Lake for their latest trip, and it was Bill Atkinson who won it with 29lb 10oz of pole-and-pellet-caught carp. Brian Orchard’s 23lb 13oz was an up in the water affair. Colin Thomas caught 19lb of mixed on pole and meat, while Colin Ariss took fourth spot on 17lb 12oz.

Thirteen fished and caught.

Staceys Match Group’s match, at Chaley Park, saw Scott Butler top out with 55lb 14oz of carp on the pellet waggler. Steve Davis fished the same method for his 49lb 4oz. Kevin Roberts put 30lb 4oz on the scales for third place, followed by Kevin Smith with 23lb 6oz.

Twelve fished and caught.

With 20 fence panels to creosote, a workshop to paint, lawns to cut, and general garden maintenance to be done, I shall have to do a bit more fishing and let ’er indoors get on with it.

I would hate to get in her way.

Catch me next week.