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  • Basingstoke and North Hants beat Andover by five wickets
  • Six wins out of six for the Bountymen
  • Victory secured with two balls to spare
  • Andover post 249-5 batting first
  • Dan Coombs and Patrick Joseph both hit half-centuries in Basingstoke's winning reply


That's all from me for today. Join Graham Merry for coverage of the top-of-the-table clash against New Milton live from May's Bounty next week.



Post-match video reaction with Basingstoke's Craig Williamson and Laurence Benge can been seen by clicking here.



Basingstoke and North Hants

P Joseph c Knight b Treagus 75

D Coombs c Hadfield b Graham 84

A Niblett c Adams b Graham 25

S Bucksey not out 18

M James c Haycock b Foy 5

G Porter c Treagus b Graham 1

C Williamson not out 26

Extras 16

Total (for 5 wickets, 49.4 overs) 250

Fall: 1-147, 2-188, 3-196, 4-208, 5-212

Bowling: D Taylor 8-0-29-0, M Adams 8.4-1-35-0, E Duckworth 3-0-19-0, D Foy 10-0-58-1, G Treagus 10-0-53-1, L Graham 10-0-46-3


A mini-collapse meant it was closer than it might have been, but Basingstoke made it six wins out of six, winning with two balls to spare.

Scorecard and reaction to follow.



Andover (7 pts) lost to Basingstoke and North Hants (19) by five wickets


Basingstoke and North Hants 250-5 (Bucksey 19, Williamson 25) - 49.4 overs

Bucksey ties the scores with a single off the first ball. The next two are dots, and the pressure builds on Williamson.

The field is in and he glances one into a gap on the off-side to win the game.


Basingstoke and North Hants 248-5 (Bucksey 18, Williamson 24) - 49 overs

A dot ball to start the over, but Bucksey then runs a quick single. Direct hit and he was out there.

Williamson creams the next over square leg for four, and they only need four more. He misses the next one but should be out. That went miles up in the air. Wicket-keeper Hadfield was under it, but it was a tricky one and he dropped it.

That's a single, and Bucksey gets another off the last ball. Two needed off the last over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 241-5 (Bucksey 16, Williamson 19) - 48 overs

Adams returns to bowl at the death. Williamson takes a quick two off the first ball, before they run a bye when Williamson misses.

Bucksey's late cut is excellently stopped by the wicket-keeper, but they take a single off the next.

Williamson then gets one over mid-wicket, while that's a single down the ground for Bucksey. Nine needed from the last 12 deliveries.


Basingstoke and North Hants 235-5 (Bucksey 14, Williamson 16) - 47 overs

Singles from the first two balls, before a dot ball. Another single to Bucksey, before Williamson turns one around the corner for four. 

A single off the final ball means he keeps the strike. 15 needed off 18 balls.


Basingstoke and North Hants 227-5 (Bucksey 12, Williamson 11) - 46 overs

Bucksey and Williamson running well between the wickets, collecting the ones and twos, before Williamson smashes a massive six miles over the off-side boundary and out of the ground.

23 needed from 24 deliveries.


Basingstoke and North Hants 215-5 (Bucksey 11, Williamson 0) - 45 overs

Bucksey takes two off the final ball. 35 needed off 30 balls.


Graham Porter c Treagus b Graham 2

Basingstoke and North Hants 213-5 (Bucksey 9, Williamson 0) - 44.5 overs

Porter gets a single from the first ball, but there's no run off the next, Bucksey hitting back to the bowler. He also picks out a fielder off the next ball, but then guides a single down to third man.

Porter goes for a big shot, but is caught at long-on. Basingstoke need to rebuild here.


Basingstoke and North Hants 211-4 (Bucksey 8, Porter 1) - 44 overs

A single for both batsmen and a wide complete the scoring in the over. 39 needed off 36 balls.


Basingstoke and North Hants 211-4 (Bucksey 8, Porter 1) - 44 overs

A single for both batsmen and a wide complete the scoring in the over. 39 needed off 36 balls.


Martyn James c Haycock b Foy 5

Basingstoke and North Hants 208-4 (Bucksey 7, Porter 0) - 43.3 overs

James and Bucksey both take singles off the first two balls from Foy. James then goes aerial, but it's not got enough on it and Byron Haycock is underneath it at deep extra-cover.


Basingstoke and North Hants 206-3 (Bucksey 6, James 4) - 43 overs

Graham begins with a dot ball, while Bucksey then digs out a yorker. He gets a single into the leg side with the next.

James defends, before playing and missing, with a stumping appeal turned down. He gets a single down the ground off the last ball, and Basingstoke need 44 from the last seven overs.


Basingstoke and North Hants 204-3 (Bucksey 5, James 3) - 42 overs

Leg-spinner Foy returns to the attack. James brings up the 200 with the second ball, getting a single. A couple of dots, before a wide. Both batsmen get singles late in the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 199-3 (Bucksey 3, James 1) - 41 overs

Martyn James' innings starts with a dot, before he takes a single down the ground. Bucksey blocks out a yorker, before evading an LBW shout and running a leg-bye.

Another leg-bye, this time for James, to end the over.


Dan Coombs c Hadfield b Graham 84

Basingstoke and North Hants 196-3 (Bucksey 3, James 0) - 40.1 overs

A good delivery from Graham and Coombs gets a nick through to the wicket-keeper.


Basingstoke and North Hants 196-2 (Coombs 84, Bucksey 3) - 40 overs

Treagus bowls his final over. Coombs takes one off the first ball, before Bucksey drops one into the off-side for one.

Another single for Coombs down the ground, before Bucksey repeats his trick. Coombs may have been run out with a direct hit though.

A leg-bye completes the over's scoring.


Basingstoke and North Hants 191-2 (Coombs 82, Bucksey 1) - 39 overs

Left-hander Steve Bucksey is the new bowler. He takes a single off his second ball. Graham then throws in a leg-side wide, before Coombs picks up another single to keep the strike.


Andrew Niblett c Adams b Graham 25

Basingstoke and North Hants 188-2 (Coombs 81, Bucksey 0) - 38.3 overs

Graham begins with a dot, but Coombs takes a single off the next. That's out though, Niblett's 15-ball cameo coming to an end as he fires one straight to Adams in the covers.


Basingstoke and North Hants 187-1 (Coombs 80, Niblett 25) - 38 overs

Singles off the first three balls of Treagus' over, before Niblett slogs over the leg side for the first six of the innings. Four next ball as well, with a straight drive beating the field.

A dot off the last ball.


Basingstoke and North Hants 172-1 (Coombs 78, Niblett 12) - 37 overs

Graham still bowling. Niblett just manages to clear mid-wicket on his way to getting two off the first ball.

That's a great stop by the bowler to deny him at least a couple more, but a straight drive gets Niblett off strike with a single.

A quick single to Coombs, before a miss-field from Taylor gives Niblett two, when it should have been a single.

An appeal for leg before off the last ball, but it's two leg-byes.


Basingstoke and North Hants 164-1 (Coombs 77, Niblett 7) - 36 overs

Treagus continues and Coombs gets a quick two off the first ball. Four more singles after that.


Basingstoke and North Hants 158-1 (Coombs 73, Niblett 5) - 35 overs

Two for Coombs off Graham, who then bowls a leg side wide. Coombs hits the next down the ground for a single. Niblett also gets a single before the end of the over and they nick a single off the last ball as well.


Basingstoke and North Hants 152-1 (Coombs 69, Niblett 4) - 34 overs

Coombs gets a single, before Niblett cuts his first ball for four. The final delivery is a dot.


Patrick Joseph c Knight b Treagus 75

Basingstoke and North Hants 147-1 (Coombs 68, Niblett 0) - 33.3 overs

Treagus continues. Coombs takes a single off his second ball before Joseph goes for a big shot down the ground. It comes up short of the boundary and Matt Knight takes a steepling catch just in front of the rope.


Basingstoke and North Hants 146-0 (Joseph 75, Coombs 67) - 33 overs

Joseph cuts a full toss from Graham for two off the second ball, before taking a single in the leg side.

A sharp single for Coombs, before the over ends with two dots to Joseph.


Basingstoke and North Hants 142-0 (Joseph 72, Coombs 66) - 32 overs

Five runs off the over, all taken in ones and twos.


Basingstoke and North Hants 137-0 (Joseph 68, Coombs 65) - 31 overs

After 30 overs, Andover were 128-1. Basingstoke were three runs and a wicket ahead.

Luke Graham has replaced Foy. He is a right-arm seamer. His first ball is a leg-side wide, while Coombs gets a single off the next.

Another wide down the leg-side, with the wicket-keeper doing well to stop it. A shorter ball, and Joseph hooks him. A good shot for one.

Coombs defends the next delivery and just evades extra-cover in the air to get two off the one after. A dot follows and Coombs digs out a yorker off the final ball.


Basingstoke and North Hants 131-0 (Joseph 67, Coombs 64) - 30 overs

A single for Coombs through the leg side. Joseph defends one, before dropping Treagus into the off-side for a single.

A dot as Coombs looks to advance down the pitch, and another as he picks out fine leg. He does get a single to end the over though.


Basingstoke and North Hants 128-0 (Joseph 66, Coombs 62) - 29 overs

Three singles, before Coombs pieces the extra-cover field for two, finishing off with another single.


Basingstoke and North Hants 122-0 (Joseph 64, Coombs 56) - 28 overs

Both batsmen pick up singles, before Coombs just escapes, the ball narrowly missing the stumps. He gets one, before Joseph drives through extra-cover for another single.


Basingstoke and North Hants 118-0 (Joseph 62, Coombs 54) - 27 overs

Joseph gets a single off the first ball from Foy, before Coombs brings up his 50 by guiding him to fine leg for four. A dot, before he picks up two cutting square.

Another cut gets him a single from the final ball.


Basingstoke and North Hants 110-0 (Joseph 61, Coombs 47) - 26 overs

Still nip and tuck. Andover brought up their 100 in the same over that Basingstoke just did.

Joseph faces Treagus, and the over begins with three dot balls. That's a full toss, but Joseph can only get a single.

Coombs guides one into the leg side for a quick two, before seeing off the final ball.


Basingstoke and North Hants 107-0 (Joseph 60, Coombs 45) - 25 overs

Coombs guides the second ball of Treagus' over for a single. Joseph misses the next looking to defend, before getting away with a thick edge, running two. That was in the air for a while but fell safe.

Another single into mid-wicket for Joseph, before Coombs misses the last ball to complete the over.

Time for some drinks.


Basingstoke and North Hants 103-0 (Joseph 57, Coombs 44) - 24 overs

Couple of dots before Treagus throws down a full toss and Joseph brings up the 100 through mid-wicket with a boundary. No further runs though.


Basingstoke and North Hants 99-0 (Joseph 53, Coombs 44) - 23 overs

Foy continues, with both batsmen taking singles through the off-side. Coombs gets another, while Joseph takes two dots before adding another single to end the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 95-0 (Joseph 51, Coombs 42) - 22 overs

Still nothing in it at this stage. Andover were 80-1 after 20 overs.

Another leg-spinner, Glyn Treagus, is into the attack for the hosts. Coombs hits him for two behind square on the leg side, before taking a single down the ground.

Joseph defends his first two balls from the new bowler and retains the strike.


Basingstoke and North Hants 92-0 (Joseph 51, Coombs 39) - 21 overs

A full toss first-up from Foy, which Coombs pulls for a single. Joseph then goes to 50 with a lovely drive down the ground for four, before getting off strike with a single.

Coombs defends, before cutting through point for a single to end the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 85-0 (Joseph 46, Coombs 37) - 20 overs

Coombs pulls Duckworth away first ball for two, before going aerial again for three over mid-wicket off the next.

The next is a dot, before Joseph smashes a four through mid-wicket. He pulls the next away for a single, before Coombs advances down to hit three through mid-wicket.

A big over for the visitors.


Basingstoke and North Hants 72-0 (Joseph 41, Coombs 29) - 19 overs

The spinner continues. Coombs takes one from the first ball, Joseph two off the second and another single off the next.

Coombs was decieved by that one, but got it away, before taking a single off the next. Joseph misses the last, attempting to play defensive.


Basingstoke and North Hants 67-0 (Joseph 38, Coombs 27) - 18 overs

Coombs spoons Duckworth over the leg-side for two first up, with a single to third man off the next ball.

Three dots follow, before Joseph creams one down the ground, catching the umpire on the foot. No run and he's in some discomfort.


Basingstoke and North Hants 64-0 (Joseph 38, Coombs 24) - 17 overs

Taylor is off, with leg-spinner Danny Foy replacing him. He gets some turn first up, beating Joseph, but both batsmen take a single later in the over


Basingstoke and North Hants 62-0 (Joseph 37, Coombs 23) - 16 overs

First change to the bowling as another right-arm seamer, Ed Duckworth, replaces Adams.

His first ball is guided through the off-side for a single by Joseph, before Coombs gets two leg-byes. Two defensive blocks from Coombs, and he then picks up a single through the leg-side. A single for Joseph completes the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 57-0 (Joseph 35, Coombs 22) - 15 overs

Two dots to start, before Coombs guides Taylor to third man for a single. Four for Joseph through mid-wicket, but he blocks the next and gets a streaky single to finish the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 51-0 (Joseph 30, Coombs 21) - 14 overs

Adams continues, with Coombs playing at and missing his first delivery. The next forces the batsman to defend, while Coombs advances down the wicket to the next but cannot get the ball past Adams.

Adams drops in a bouncer, which Coombs hooks through mid-wicket for three. The next is a dot, but Joseph cuts the final ball through point for four.


Basingstoke and North Hants 44-0 (Joseph 26, Coombs 18) - 13 overs

Taylor is bowling much tighter lines now. The first two balls of his latest over are dots, before Joseph drives him uppishly through the covers for two.

Two more dots follow, before Joseph misses the last outside off-stump.


Basingstoke and North Hants 42-0 (Joseph 24, Coombs 18) - 12 overs

Coombs is denied a single by a great stop off the first ball, before defending the next two.

Coombs goes aerial, clearing mid-off to pick up two, before advancing down the wicket but failing to pierce the field. That's a poor ball though, slow and short, allowing Coombs to smash it through long-on for four.


Basingstoke and North Hants 36-0 (Joseph 24, Coombs 12) - 11 overs

Andover were 37-1 after 10 overs of their innings, so it's evenly poised. 

Joseph takes a quick single off the first ball, with Coombs taking another one from the third. Joseph plays and misses the next, before getting a thick edge to mid-wicket.

He dangles the bat but leaves the final delivery. Andover seem to be finding their range with the ball.


Basingstoke and North Hants 34-0 (Joseph 23, Coombs 11) - 10 overs

Joseph blocks out the first ball, before smearing the next to long-off for a single. 

Coombs plays and misses at that delivery from Adams, before almost being caught out by the slower ball, just about getting an edge on it before it hit his pads.

That one goes straight through him, before he defends the final ball. Good bowling from the skipper.


Basingstoke and North Hants 33-0 (Joseph 22, Coombs 11) - 9 overs

Coombs cuts the first ball of this latest Taylor over away for two. He fends off the next, before hitting through mid-wicket for another two.

Three dots to end the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 29-0 (Joseph 22, Coombs 7) - 8 overs

Adams continues. Joseph is unable to get him away off the first two balls, defends the next two and cannot beat the field with the next. The last is also defended, so that's a maiden.


Basingstoke and North Hants 29-0 (Joseph 22, Coombs 7) - 7 overs

Taylor now strays down the leg side and Coombs clips him for four. Two more for Coombs there as well, guiding it through third man.

He blocks out the rest of the over. This is a decent start for the Bountymen.


Basingstoke and North Hants 23-0 (Joseph 22, Coombs 1) - 6 overs

Adams continues. Joseph defends the first ball, but that's a play and miss. He's good off his legs though and when Adams gets his line wrong, the batsman clips him behind square for four.

The same thing happens again, but the ball stops just short of the rope and that's three. 

Coombs then gets off the mark, cutting for a single, before Joseph sees off the final delivery.


Basingstoke and North Hants 15-0 (Joseph 15, Coombs 0) - 5 overs

Joseph blocks out Taylor's first three deliveries, which are back of a length, before guiding the next behind square on the off-side for one.

Coombs hits Joseph as he looks to get off the mark and has to scramble back to his crease, before playing and missing at the last ball.


Basingstoke and North Hants 14-0 (Joseph 14, Coombs 0) - 4 overs

Four dots to start Adams' over, before Joseph glances a single to third man. The final ball beats Coombs outside off-stump.



Basingstoke and North Hants 13-0 (Joseph 13, Coombs 0) - 3 overs

Taylor has no fielders on the leg side, so straying onto Joseph's pads is a mistake. The batsman makes him pay, turning the ball square for a boundary.

He then glances to third man for a single. Coombs defends one delivery, misses the next, and leaves the next two.



Basingstoke and North Hants 8-0 (Joseph 8, Coombs 0) - 2 overs

Captain Mike Adams takes the ball at the other end. He's a right-arm seamer, like Taylor.

His first ball is a dot, but Joseph clips the next through mid-wicket for two. A full toss then smacks the batsman on the pads, before he plays a strong defensive shot.

Adams strays onto his legs again though, and that's another three. Coombs sees off the final ball.


Basingstoke and North Hants 3-0 (Joseph 3, Coombs 0) - 1 over

David Taylor opens the bowling for Andover, with Joseph taking strike. It's down the leg side and Joseph turns it away before running three.

The next ball is a dot, before Coombs attempts to hook a shorter ball. No contact made. That's a more sensible defensive shot, and another immediately afterwards, while the last ball is left alone outside off-stump.


Apparently, Heather, Andrew Niblett's girlfriend, took exception to being labelled a WAG earlier. She has informed me in no uncertain terms that she's a good cricketer in her own right, playing for Holland.


Looks like we are almost ready for the Basingstoke innings. Coombs and Joseph will open for the visitors and they make their way to the middle.




G Treagus c Porter b Connor 4

D Taylor c Niblett b Pistorius 86

B Haycock not out 92

A Hooper b Thankachan 8

R Hadfield run out 2

M Knight c Joseph b Thankachan 20

M Souter not out 18

Extras 19

Total (for five wickets, 50 overs) 249

Fall: 1-18, 2-145, 3-157, 4-172, 5-214

Bowling: M James 7-1-37-0, R Connor 10-3-24-1, P Joseph 4-0-31-0, G Porter 5-0-26-0, D Pistorius 10-0-36-1, M Thankachan 10-1-59-2, D Coombs 3-0-30-0


Basingstoke and North Hants need 250 to win from 50 overs. The pitch looks good, so it should be interesting.


Andover 249-5 (Haycock 92, Souter 18) - 50 overs

Coombs' first ball is a full toss that Haycock pulls for two. Souter misses the next but then drives for four. 

The number seven then takes a single to long-off, before Haycock takes a single. The final ball is creamed for six down the ground by Souter.


Andover 236-5 (Haycock 90, Souter 7) - 49 overs

Souter takes two of the first ball of Thankachan's over, with one leg-bye off the next. Four byes then help the total no end.

A dot ball is followed by a fine sweep for four by Haycock, with two singles ending the over.


Andover 224-5 (Haycock 85, Souter 4) - 48 overs

Haycock takes a single off the first ball of Coombs' second over, with Souter doing the same. Three more singles follow, but the last should be a dot. James throws at the stumps, and they run another single.


Andover 218-5 (Haycock 82, Souter 1) - 47 overs

Another four come off the remaining three balls in ones and twos.


Matt Knight c Joseph b Thankachan 20

Andover 214-5 (Haycock 80, Souter 0) - 46.3 overs

Haycock sweeps for four before getting a single. Knight then looks to go big, but can only hole out to Joseph at long on.


Andover 209-4 (Haycock 76, Knight 18) - 46 overs

Coombs brings himself into the attack for some medium pace. His first ball is glanced for two by Haycock, who then takes a single.

The next two balls also go for singles, before Knight goes over mid-wicket for four, Niblett just unable to cut it off.



Andover 198-4 (Haycock 72, Knight 13) - 45 overs

A single for Knight as Thankachan continues. Haycock then gets two as Coombs shys at the stumps and then a single, before Knight goes over the top for three.

Haycock misses out on a wide, before turning the ball around the corner for one.


Andover 189-4 (Haycock 68, Knight 9) - 44 overs

Singles off the first four balls, followed by a dot and a four for Haycock to finish the over.


Andover 181-4 (Haycock 62, Knight 7) - 43 overs

Both batsmen take a single before Knight gets the slightest of glances to pick up a boundary. Another single for Knight, before a leg-bye ends the over.


Andover 173-4 (Haycock 61, Knight 1) - 42 overs

Just a single for new batsman Matt Knight in the rest of that over.


Robbie Hadfield run out 2

Andover 172-4 (Haycock 61, Knight 0) - 41.2 overs

Haycock takes a single off the second ball as Pistorius continues. They go for two next ball, but Hadfield doesn't make his ground and is run-out.


Andover 170-3 (Haycock 60, Hadfield 1) - 41 overs

Four off the over in ones and twos. One of them was dodgy though. Hooper would have been run out with a direct hit.


Andover 166-3 (Haycock 57, Hadfield 1) - 40 overs

Haycock takes two off the second ball before pulling Pistorius for four and getting off strike with a single. Two dots to end the over.


Andover 159-3 (Haycock 50, Hadfield 1) - 39 overs

New batsman Robbie Hadfield gets off the mark first ball, with Haycock then getting to his half-century with a single. The final ball of the over is a dot.


Ali Hooper b Thankachan 8

Andover 157-3 (Haycock 49, Hadfield 0) - 38.3 overs

Haycock takes a single off the first ball, before Hooper advances down the pitch to drive Thankachan through extra-cover for four.

He goes for another attacking shot next up, but misses completely and Thankachan hits the stumps.


Andover 152-2 (Haycock 48, Hooper 4) - 38 overs

A couple of dots from Pistorius before Haycock takes a single. Hooper can't get him away either. Runs drying up at the moment.


Andover 151-2 (Haycock 47, Hooper 4) - 37 overs

A maiden for Thankachan to Hooper, with the fourth ball really getting high from a length.


Andover 151-2 (Haycock 47, Hooper 4) - 36 overs

Hooper attempts to sweep first up, but totally misses. The next ball is also a dot, while a fine glance gets him two. He's lucky to survive when a top edge drops safe, but a single gets him off strike. The final ball is a dot as well.


Andover 148-2 (Haycock 47, Hooper 1) - 35 overs

Haycock takes a single off Thankachan's first ball. The bowler then beats Hooper and while he cuts his next delivery, Coombs fields at point.

The next two balls are dots, but Hooper takes a single off the final ball to get off the mark and keep the strike.


Andover 146-2 (Haycock 46, Hooper 0) - 34 overs

The batsmen crossed while the ball was in the air so Haycock is on strike. He sees off one delivery before taking a single. 

Ali Hooper, the first right-hander Basingstoke have seen, is next in. He manages to survive the last two balls of the over.


David Taylor c Niblett b Pistorius 86

Andover 145-2 (Haycock 45, Hooper 0) - 33.2 overs

Taylor defends the first delivery before going for a big shot down the ground. He doesn't get enough on it and Niblett takes the catch in the deep. An important wicket.


Andover 145-1 (Taylor 86, Haycock 45) - 33 overs

Taylor takes a single off the second ball of Thankachan's over. Two dots before a mis-field from Bucksey gives Haycock a single. Another single to Taylor ends the over.


Andover 142-1 (Taylor 84, Haycock 44) - 32 overs

Pistorius has swapped ends and takes the fourth ball of the innings. 

Haycock defends the first, leaves the second outside off-stump and then fails to get a full delivery away. The next hits him on the pads and there's no run, but a cute late cut earns him two.

The final ball is a rank full toss, which goes for two, with Coombs preventing a boundary.


Andover 138-1 (Taylor 84, Haycock 40) - 31 overs

Off-spinner Matt Thankachan has replaced Pistorius. His first ball is a dot, before Haycock takes a single to get off strike.

Taylor defends his first ball, before Thankachan strays down leg-side, giving the hosts three wides.

That had Taylor worried, but he survived, just as he does a leg-before-wicket appeal next ball. That's another lost ball though, smashed over the square leg boundary for a massive six.


Andover 128-1 (Taylor 77, Haycock 39) - 30 overs

Big appeal as Porter hits Taylor on the pads, but the umpire is unmoved. Taylor responds by taking a single down the ground, before Haycock glances away for a single, which ends with a great, but totally unnesacery, dive.

A dot, before Taylor chips over mid-wicket for two, before smashing another two down to long-on.

It's hot out there, and Basingstoke need wickets.


Andover 122-1 (Taylor 72, Haycock 38) - 29 overs

A single for Taylor, before Haycock plays out two dots. Another chance as Haycock chips Pistorius back over his head, Joseph getting hands to the ball but failing to make the catch - and it goes for four.

Two dots to end the over. Basingstoke need to start taking these chances.


Andover 117-1 - (Taylor 71, Haycock 34) - 28 overs

Taylor is denied runs by a decent stop from Joseph, despite the ball kicking up, but he takes a single off the next from Porter.

Haycock defends the next, before picking out James at mid-wicket. That seems to be his favourite area.

Another one through there, this time just wide of James for the single.

That was almost the end of Taylor though. A thick edge dropped just short of Joseph at point. Close, but a single.


Andover 114-1 (Taylor 70, Haycock 33) - 27 overs

Pistorius' second over begins with him forcing Taylor into a defensive shot. A single off the second ball, and the third, Haycock cutting for one.

Taylor fends the next off, before taking a quick leg-bye that almost has Haycock run-out, wicket-keeper Laurence Benge hitting the stumps, but only after he got home. A dot ball ends the over.


Andover 111-1 (Taylor 69, Haycock 32) - 26 overs

The first ball from Porter after the breaks beats Taylor outside off-stump. A similar story with the next, which he took a pretty big swing at.

He's then hit on the pad, but probably outside leg stump, and he gets off strike with a single down the ground.

Haycock likes to hit through mid-wicket, and he does exactly that for four to spoil an otherwise good over, which ends with a dot.


Andover 106-1 (Taylor 68, Haycock 28) - 25 overs

Left-arm spinner Dave Pistorius replaces Joseph at the far end. Haycock takes a single off the first ball, while there's a dot before Taylor takes one too.

That one had Haycock tied up in knots, but he escaped, before fending off the next delivery.

The last ball is turned into the leg side, but there's no run and the players come off to take drinks.


Andover 104-1 (Taylor 67, Haycock 27) - 24 overs

Two dots followed by two from Taylor to bring the 100 up. Porter hits the big-hitting opener on the inner thigh with his next ball, making him hop, but it doesn't stop him running three after nudging the ball fine.

Haycock then takes a single to end the over.


Andover 98-1 (Taylor 62, Haycock 26) - 23 overs

Haycock takes a single off Joseph's first ball, and that could have been a chance. Taylor gets lucky, a top edge falling safe. That's a single, and Haycock also takes one next ball.

Another single next ball, but that's a streaky Chinese cut from Taylor, but Haycock can't get past a fielder in the covers next.

The next is edged, but Basingstoke have taken their slip out and the ball flies through the gap for four.


Andover 90-1 (Taylor 60, Haycock 20) - 22 overs

Porter, another right-arm seamer, replaces Connor. He's also a bit quicker.

His first ball is on the money, back of a length and forcing Taylor to defend. The next is fuller, but Taylor hits it straight to Joseph at mid-wicket.

That's in the air, but safe and a single to long-on, so the field moves in for Haycock. That's four though, through mid-on, forcing me to field.

A dot ball, before Porter decides to go around the wicket. Once the sight screens are sorted out, Haycock gets a single to backward point.


Andover 84-1 (Taylor 59, Haycock 15) - 21 overs

Joseph continues. A dot ball and a wide before Taylor takes a single. 

Haycock defends one before cutting through point for two. Two more defensive shots end the over.


Andover 80-1 (Taylor 58, Haycock 13) - 20 overs

Still Connor, to complete his 10-over spell. Taylor sees off the first two balls, but a quick single gets Haycock on strike.

He digs out an attempted yorker and defends the last two, giving Connor figures of 10-3-24-1.


Andover 79-1 (Taylor 57, Haycock 13) - 19 overs

Joseph continues, but Taylor takes a single off thge first ball. Haycock defends one, before driving through long-off for four. Another dot but then another boundary through the same area.

Haycock has broken free but fails to beat Coombs at cover with the last ball of the over. Still an expensive one.


Andover 70-1 (Taylor 56, Haycock 5) - 18 overs

Connor looks set to bowl through. His first ball is a dot, but Taylor then guides him through the leg side for two, before taking a single down the ground.

Haycock is still struggling and defends the last three balls of the over.


Andover 67-1 (Taylor 53, Haycock 5) - 17 overs

Haycock faces Joseph. The first ball is a dot, but he takes advantage of a mis-field from Thankachan to get off strike.

Joseph strays down the leg side to Taylor, who clips the ball fine to reach 50 in just 49 balls, with six fours and two sixes. He gets two more through the off-side next ball.

The next is a dot ball, but a front-foot no-ball gives Taylor an extra delivery and he keeps the strike.


Andover 58-1 (Taylor 46, Haycock 4) - 16 overs

Connor continues at the other end. All six deliveries to Taylor are dot balls as the batsman fails to pierce the field. A good maiden


Andover 58-1 (Taylor 46, Haycock 4) - 15 overs

There's a change of bowling for Basingstoke, with Patrick Joseph replacing James. The right-arm seamer is a bit quicker and his first three balls are dots, but Taylor then takes a single.

Haycock sees out the last two balls.


Andover 57-1 (Taylor 45, Haycock 4) - 14 overs

Connor's first ball is a dot but he then puts one onto Taylor's legs and is guided for three, with Bucksey doing well to prevent a boundary.

Haycock defends three balls before finally getting off the mark, a fine shot earning him a boundary through mid-on.


Andover 51-1 (Taylor 42, Haycock 0) - 13 overs

Taylor pulls the first ball of James' over through square leg for four, with the ball getting stuck in the bushes. While they are looking, the umpire comes over to explain that he has recinded a wide from the first over, so there's one to come off the score.

After several minutes of searching, they give up, and a new ball is produced. Taylor is unable to pierce the field with the first ball, but smashes the next, which is too short, for six over square leg, almost hitting the Andover players searching for the first one.

That's also lost in the bushes. It's like playing a round of golf with me!

The third ball used in the over is played into the leg side for no run by the destructive Taylor, who then takes a single to long-on.

Haycock takes the final ball, with James producing a slower-ball bouncer, but he spots it and gets his bat down.


Andover 40-1 (Taylor 31, Haycock 0) - 12 overs

Connor's sixth over begins with a wide to Taylor, who defends the next two deliveries. The next is short of a length and fended away, before Taylor takes a single to put Haycock back on strike.

He looks desperate to get off the mark and picks out Porter at mid-on, before just about fending away the final ball.


Andover 38-1 (Taylor 30, Haycock 0) - 11 overs

Taylor fails to beat the field with James' first two balls, before taking a quick single to mid-wicket.

Haycock defends the first ball he faces, before surviving a leg-before appeal. He got a big stride down the wicket and the umpire is not impressed. The last ball of the over is defended. 

Basingstoke have done a great job of drying up the runs. Now they need to get Taylor out.


Andover 37-1 (Taylor 29, Haycock 0) - 10 overs

Taylor is back on strike, this time facing Connor. The first ball is defended, but he takes a single to long-on off the next to put Haycock back in the firing line.

He defends Connor's next ball and can't pierce the field with the two after, despite playing attacking shots. Connor is spot on with his last ball and Haycock keeps it out, but he's still on a duck.


Andover 36-1 (Taylor 28, Haycock 0) - 9 overs

Taylor takes a single off the first ball, putting Haycock on strike to James for the first time. He just avoids edging his first ball off the back foot and was late getting his bat down to the next, but got away with it.

That's a better shot, but he fails to pierce the off-side field, and his next shot is straight at mid-on. The last ball is defended stoutly enough, but Haycock doesn't look comfortable out there.


Andover 35-1 (Taylor 27, Haycock 0) - 8 overs

Haycock fails to beat Joseph and cover off James' first delivery and defends the second. That's a swing and a miss outside off-stump though, but Connor follows it with a wide.

Haycock then digs out a full delivery, but there's no run, before defending the next. Another dot to finish the over as well. Pressure building on the batsman at this end.


Andover 34-1 (Taylor 27, Haycock 0) - 7 overs

James opens up with a wide, with Taylor defending the next delivery and leaving the third outside off-stump.

He then breaks free, bludgeoning James through mid-on for four and getting the first six of the match over the same area next ball.

James hits back, forcing the batsman to defend a faster delivery, and the last ball of the over is right on the spot as well.


Andover 23-1 (Taylor 17, Haycock 0) - 6 overs

Connor continues, and produces a maiden over. Good lines from the Basingstoke seamer, and Haycock couldn't get him away.


Andover 23-1 (Taylor 17, Haycock 0) - 5 overs

Good stop from Bucksey to stop Taylor getting runs off the first ball of this James over, while his attempt to cut the next falls just short of Joseph at point.

He leaves the next before getting a streaky four off the edge, just evading Craig Williamson at gully.

Taylor leaves the next, but James then bowls a wide, meaning he has to bowl an extra ball.  Taylor cannot take advantage though, failing to pierce the field.


Andover 18-1 (Taylor 13, Haycock 0) - 4 overs

Byron Haycock is the new batsman, another left-hander. He defends Connor's last two deliveries to give him a wicket-maiden.


Glyn Treagus c Porter b Connor 4

Andover 18-1 (Taylor 13, Haycock 0) - 3.4 overs

Tregus leaves the first three deliveries from Connor outside the line, but then looks to score. However, he suceeds only in smashing the ball down the throat of Graham Porter at mid-off and Basingstoke have their first wicket.


Andover 18-0 (Treagus 4, Taylor 13) - 3 overs

Taylor defends his first two deliveries from James, but drives the third down the ground for two. 

He fails to pierce the field with the next delivery, but then goes aerial, smashing James back over his head for four. Two more through the off-side from the final delivery.

Basingstoke need to break this pair up soon.


Andover 10-0 (Treagus 4, Taylor 5) - 2 overs

Ryan Connor is Basingstoke's other opening bowler. The left-handed Taylor defends his first delivery but clips the second off his legs for the first boundary of the innings.

Matt Thankachan makes a stop with his foot to prevent the next ball going the same way, Taylor taking one, while Treagus then cuts a wide delivery from Connor for another four.

Treagus leaves the last two deliveries outside off-stump, but that's an expensive over.


Andover 1-0 (Treagus 0, Taylor 0) - 1 over

James' first ball is straight and defended by Treagus. Basingstoke appeal for a catch behind the stumps off the next, but that hit his thigh pad and it's a leg-side wide.

Treagus defends the next two, then leaves two outside the off-stump. Just the wide off that over.


Right, here come Andover's opening batsmen, David Taylor and Glyn Treagus. Martyn James will open the bowling for the visitors. Here we go.


Basingstoke have brought two supporters with them. I guess you could class them WAGS. One of them is Andrew Niblett's girlfriend, the other I am assuming is Coombs' Australian fiancee.


Have your say on today's game using the comment box below or #BasCC on Twitter. I'll use any suitable submissions in this blog.


Basingstoke make their way out onto the field with the umpires. We are due to get under way at 1pm.



Basingstoke and North Hants: Coombs (c), Joseph, Bucksey, Williamson, Niblett, James, Porter, Thankachan, Benge (w), Connor, Pistorius.

Andover: Adams (c), Taylor, Foy, Graham, Hadfield (w), Treagus, Haycock, Knight, Hooper, Duckworth, Souter.



Coombs' first job is to lose the toss. Unsuprisingly, Andover captain Mike Adams has elected to bat.

Coombs admits that he would have done the same, saying the pitch "looks pretty flat". He expects the bounce to be "low and slow".



Two changes to the Basingstoke team that beat Hook last week. Captain Chris Froud is missing, so Dan Coombs skippers the side.

Second opener Andy Fulton is also away, so it will be a new-look opening partnership for the visitors. Coombs is likely to open, probably with Patrick Joseph, who has come into the team.

Steve Bucksey has also been promoted from the seconds and will bat further down the order.

Andover's main danger-man is hard-hitting all-rounder David Taylor, who has played at county level.


It's a lovely afternoon in Andover. We could have a run-fest on our hands.


Good afternoon and welcome to live over-by-over coverage of Basingstoke and North Hants' trip to Andover.


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