AN OCTOGENARIAN from Sherfield-on-Loddon has proved that age is no barrier to playing good golf by recording his second hole-in-one in the space of two years.

William Paterson, 83, holed his most recent ace at Basingstoke Golf Club last month, finding the cup at the 149-yard third hole with his tee shot.

The 17 handicapper, who has been a member at Basingstoke since 1967, used his nine-metal rescue club for the magical shot, his ball pitching just over a mound in front of the green before rolling into the hole.

Paterson said: “It was a good shot. I hit it exactly how I wanted to, which made a nice change because I had played the first two holes quite badly.

“It disappeared from view as it got on the green. It looked like it was heading towards the hole, but we could not tell whether it had gone in or just past because visibility was not great and the mound was between us and the cup.

“It was only when we got up there that we were sure it had gone in. I went straight up to the hole and there it was.”

Amazingly enough, the fourth hole-in-one of Paterson’s 47-year golfing career came just one year after the third, which he recorded at the 157-yard 17th in 2013.

He added: “It always feels great to have a hole in one, and to have two in two years is really pleasing.”

Paterson’s most recent ace came in the club’s midweek medal and was worth five points in the Stableford competition. However, it was not enough to earn him victory, his 34-point haul coming up short in the final reckoning.

For many golfers, the joy of making a hole-in-one is often tempered by the bar bill that follows when they return to the clubhouse, with the tradition dictating that they buy a drink for everyone present.

Happily, Paterson’s golf insurance covered the cost, so he was not left with a big bill to pay.

“Fortunately, it did not cost me anything,” he said. “I think the insurance covers me up to £75 and there were not enough people in the clubhouse to make it come to that much, so it was all positive.”