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  • Basingstoke and North Hants beat Hook and Newnham Basics by 51 runs
  • Hook bowled out for 92 chasing Basingstoke's total of 143-9
  • Four wickets each for Basingstoke's Martyn James and Graham Porter
  • First-ever north Hampshire derby in the Southern League at May's Bounty


That's all from me for today. Join me again next Saturday, when Basingstoke make the trip to Andover.



Post-match interviews with both captains can be seen by clicking here.



Hook and Newnham Basics

B Thane c Thanakachan b James 11

J Hobday c Benge b Connor 15

M Love b James 10

N Willcock c Niblett b Connor 8

K Thomson c Williamson b James 0

J Buckingham c Williamson b James 1

S Champ c Niblett b Porter 15

S Brewer not out 18

G Binns b Porter 0

K Poulter c Niblett b Porter 0

A Divecha b Porter 0

Extras 13

Total (all out, 24 overs) 92

Fall: 1-30, 2-30, 3-41, 4-47, 5-50, 6-66, 7-69, 8-69, 9-71, 92

Bowling: M James 10-4-29-4, R Connor 7-1-24-2, G Porter 5-0-29-4, A Niblett 2-0-7-0


A strange game, similar to the game down at Bournemouth. Both sides will be disappointed with their batting displays, but it's Basingstoke who come out on top.

Scorecard and reaction to follow.


Basingstoke and North Hants beat Hook and Newnham Basics by 51 runs


Anik Divecha b Porter 1

Hook and Newnham Basics 92 all out (Brewer 18*)

Porter continues, with Brewer hitting his first ball straight to mid-off. The next two are dots, while a straight drive for four makes Brewer Hook's top scorer.

He gets a single to put Divecha on strike, and he plays all round that one, the ball crashing into his leg stump.


Hook and Newnham Basics 87-9 (Brewer 13, Divecha 1) - 23 overs

Niblett's first ball is blocked away by Brewer, who takes a stride down the pitch but picks out the fielder at cover with the next.

Next is a big leg-side wide, while Brewer takes a big swing at the next, but nicks it into his pads.

He gets four more next up, somehow getting the ball to fine leg when he seemed to be looking to guide it through the slips.

He edges the final ball past the slips to pick up one and retain the strike.


Hook and Newnham Basics 81-9 (Brewer 8, Divecha 1) - 22 overs

Anik Divecha is the final batsman. He wafts at the first ball, before playing a lovely cover drive, but he's struggling with that knee injury and can only run one.

Brewer does exactly the same thing next shot for four and then bludgeons the next down the ground for a second consecutive boundary.

They take a dodgy single last ball to keep Brewer on strike.


Kevin Poulter c Niblett b Porter 0

Hook and Newnham Basics 71-9 (Brewer 0, Divecha 0) - 21.1 overs

Another waft outside off stump, another catch taken behind the wicket. It's like déjà vu.


Hook and Newnham Basics 71-8 (Brewer 0, Poulter 0) - 21 overs

Andrew Niblett, the Kiwi Express, replaces James coming up the hill. Four dot balls and a wide bowling to Brewer, who attempts to hit the next two but fails to make anything like proper contact.


Hook and Newnham Basics 70-8 (Brewer 0, Poulter 0) - 20 overs

New batsman Kevin Poulter sees off the final ball of Porter's double-wicket over.


Gary Binns b Porter 0

Hook and Newnham Basics 70-8 (Brewer 0, Poulter 0) - 19.5 overs

Binns never looked comfortable, wafting at one before advancing down the pitch and completely missing. Porter hits the stumps and Hook look down and out.


Spencer Champ c Niblett b Porter 15

Hook and Newnham Basics 70-7 (Brewer 0, Binns 0) - 19.2 overs

Champ puts a straight drive down the ground for two first up, but his cameo ends as he edges from outside off stump and is caught by Niblett at second slip.


Hook and Newnham Basics 68-6 (Champ 13, Brewer 0) - 19 overs

New batsman Brewer sees out the remainder of the over and James finishes his spell with figures of 10-4-29-4.


Josh Buckingham c Williamson b James 1

Hook and Newnham Basics 68-6 (Champ 13, Brewer 0) - 18.2 overs

James' last over begins with a dot but Buckingham edges the second attempting to play defensive and Williamson takes the catch at first slip.


Hook and Newnham Basics 68-5 (Buckingham 1, Champ 13) - 18 overs

Porter begins with two dots but is then cut for two by Champ. A defensive stroke follows, but another cut gets Champ four more.

This is turning into a great over, with Champ cutting another four off the final delivery.


Hook and Newnham Basics 58-5 (Buckingham 1, Champ 3) - 17 overs

James follows up that wicket by straying down the leg side, with the ball going to the rope for five wides. Three dot balls, before new batsman Spencer Champ gets three through the covers.

Buckingham survives a leg before shout final ball.


Matt Love b James 10

Hook and Newnham Basics 50-5 (Buckingham 1, Champ 0) - 16.1 overs

Love is completely deceived by James' first ball of that over, the delivery clipping his off-stump.



Hook and Newnham Basics 50-4 (Love 10, Buckingham 1) - 16 overs

Graham Porter has replaced Connor down the hill. His first ball is guided for one by Love, the first run in a while, while his third gets Buckingham off the mark.

Good single run by Love there, while Buckingham spoons the final ball straight up in the air, but it loops over Porter, landing in the non-striker's crease.


Hook and Newnham Basics 47-4 (Love 8, Buckingham 0) - 15 overs

Josh Buckingham survives a big leg before shout first ball, before seeing off the final delivery to give James a wicket-maiden.


Kieran Thomson c Williamson b James 0

Hook and Newnham Basics 47-4 (Love 8, Buckingham 0) - 14.4 overs

Thomson leaves James' first delivery, while the second is fielded in the leg side for no run. The next is collected in the covers, but Thomson then edges.

Williamson makes the catch at first slip, but only after a bit of juggling.


Hook and Newnham Basics 47-3 (Love 8, Thomson 0) - 14 overs

Connor continues down the hill. Love defends the first two, leaves the third, defends the fourth and fifth and leaves the last. Another maiden.


Hook and Newnham Basics 47-3 (Love 8, Thomson 0) - 13 overs

Thomson's turn to face James. He defends stoutly to give the bowler a maiden.

Incidentally, we didn't lose any overs for the spell we were off earlier on.


Hook and Newnham Basics 47-3 (Love 8, Thomson 0) - 12 overs

Two dots before Love guides Connor over the heads of the slips for four. A bit streaky. Two more dots to finish.


Hook and Newnham Basics 43-3 (Love 3, Thomson 0) - 11 overs

Love takes a single off the final ball of the over to retain the strike and deny James a maiden.


Hook and Newnham Basics 42-3 (Love 3, Thomson 0) - 10 overs

Kieran Thomson sees out the over.


Nick Willcock c Niblett b Connor 8

Hook and Newnham Basics 42-3 (Love 3, Thomson 0) - 9.3 overs

A dot, before Love clips Connor off his legs for one. Willcock is out next ball though, edging to Niblett at second slip. Bit of argy bargy with Niblett as he makes his exit.


Hook and Newnham Basics 41-2 (Love 2, Willcock 8) - 9 overs

A dot, but Willcock then drives James through the covers for four. Another dot, and then a leg-side wide. Two more dots but Willcock ends the over with a four down the ground.

Nine off the over. Willcock could be a big player this afternoon.


Hook and Newnham Basics 32-2 (Love 2, Willcock 0) - 8 overs

Three dots to begin Connor's fourth over, before Love drops him into the leg side for two. Two more dots as Hook look to rebuild.


Hook and Newnham Basics 30-2 (Love 0, Willcock 0) - 7 overs

New man Nick Willcock sees off the final ball of the over. Basingstoke are right back in this with those two wicleats falling.


Ben Thane c Thankachan b James 11

Hook and Newnham Basics 30-2 (Love 0, Willcock 0) - 6.5 overs

Thane is unable to pierce the field for the first four balls and then wafts his bat at a wide one, edging to Thankachan at third slip.


Hook and Newnham Basics 30-1 (Thane 11, Love 0) - 6 overs

Hook skipper Love sees off the remaining ball of the over.


Jordan Hobday c Benge b Connor 15

Hook and Newnham Basics 30-1 (Thane 11, Love 0) - 5.5 overs

Thane takes a single to mid-off first up, before Hobday sends a thickish edge fine for four, just wide of the slips.

A dot, but then another four for Hobday, driven through the covers.

He's out next ball though, the umpire giving him out caught by wicket-keeper Benge. Hobday is far from happy with the decision.


Hook and Newnham Basics 21-0 (Thane 10, Hobday 7) - 5 overs

Hobday faces his first ball from James and defends, before guiding the second ball square on the leg side for two.

Another defensive stroke, before two leg-byes take the score on further.

A leg-side wide is followed by a miss-timed drive that goes back to the bowler, before he guides the ball low past the slip cordon for two more. 

Seven off the over.


Hook and Newnham Basics 14-0 (Thane 10, Hobday 3) - 4 overs

Two dots to start Connor's second over, before Hobday drops the ball into the leg side for a single.

Thane misses out on a leg-side wide, and a dot follows, but the batsman then drives through mid-on for a boundary. A dot completes the over and Hook have made a good start.


Hook and Newnham Basics 8-0 (Thane 6, Hobday 2) - 3 overs

Thane tickles the opening ball to fine leg for two, but the next three balls are dots.

That's a chance though, Thane smashing the ball straight back at James, but it came to him quickly and he was unable hold on. A dot ball completes the over.


Hook and Newnham Basics 6-0 (Thane 4, Hobday 2) - 2 overs

Quick-scoring Jordan Hobday is off the mark first ball, driving Ryan Connor through the leg side for two.

He leaves the second and third deliveries, before allowing the next to hit him on the pad. A big shout for leg before, but no joy. He got a good stride in.

Two dot balls complete the over.


Hook and Newnham Basics 4-0 (Thane 4, Hobday 0) - 1 over

Martyn James opens the bowling up the hill. A dot ball to start, but left-hander Ben Thane creams his second delivery through the leg side for four.

A defensive shot is next, with the fourth delivery left alone outside off stump. Another defensive push forward and another dot with the last ball of the over.


The players are back out for the second innings. Hook skipper Matt Love is pleased to have bowled the hosts out for 143, but Basingstoke feel they are still in the game.

You have to make Hook favourites, but it's far from a sure thing.



Basingstoke and North Hants

C Froud b Poulter 28

A Fulton c Buckingham b Brewer 10

D Coombs c Love b Champ 0

C Williamson c Buckingham b Champ 10

A Niblett c Divecha b Thane 4

M James c Love b Binns 13

M Thankachan c Hobday b Divecha 22

G Porter b Divecha 2

L Benge not out 14

R Connor b Thane 6

D Pistorius not out 8

Extras 26

Total (for 9wkts, 50 overs) 143

Fall: 1-23, 2-24, 3-45, 4-49, 5-68, 6-108, 7-108, 8-113, 9-123

Bowling: S Champ 10-2-25-2, S Brewer 6-1-22-1, B Thane 9-1-31-2, K Poulter 10-5-11-1, G Binns 7-0-30-1, A Divecha 8-3-13-2


The game is set up nicely. There's a bit in the pitch, so Basingstoke are not out of it, but Hook will back themselves to chase that total down.

The 20 runs put on by Benge and Pistorius at the end could be worth their weight in gold come the end of the match.

However, it might also be a sign that the pitch is becoming easier to score on.

Like I said, delicately poised.


Basingstoke post total of 143-9 from their 50 overs


Basingstoke and North Hants 143-9 (Benge 14, Pistorius 8) - 50 overs

Thane bowls the final over, with Benge pushing two into the on side from the first ball. Three through the covers off the next, just short of the boundary.

Pistorius pushes the next ball away, before hitting two through the leg side. The next two are dots, and Basingstoke have batted out their overs.


Basingstoke and North Hants 136-9 (Benge 9, Pistorius 6) - 49 overs

Singles off the first three balls, and another off the last keeps Benge on strike.


Basingstoke and North Hants 132-9 (Benge 7, Pistorius 4) - 48 overs

Another one for each batsman, before Thane sends down a wide. A thick edge keeps Pistorius on strike at the end of the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 128-9 (Benge 6, Pistorius 2) - 47 overs

A nice cut from the left-handed Pistorius gets him a run off Divecha, but that's all.


Basingstoke and North Hants 127-9 (Benge 6, Pistorius 1) - 46 overs

Pistorius is off the mark with a single, before Benge gets two, just about getting home. Three valuable runs off the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 124-9 (Benge 4, Pistorius 0) - 45 overs

Benge is unable to get any change out of Divecha. Another maiden.



Basingstoke and North Hants 124-9 (Benge 4, Pistorius 0) - 44 overs

Just a no-ball added to the score. Not going to be much for the Bountymen to defend here.


Ryan Connor b Thane 6

Basingstoke and North Hants 123-9 (Benge 4, Pistorius 0) - 43.3 overs

Two dots before Connor advances down the pitch attempting to smash Thane. He misses, and his stumps are smashed apart.

That'll teach him for sledging me after his earlier four!


Basingstoke and North Hants 123-8 (Benge 4, Connor 6) - 43 overs

Benge watchfully sees out that Divecha over. A maiden.


Basingstoke and North Hants 123-8 (Benge 4, Connor 6) - 42 overs

Two leg-byes off Thane's first three balls, before Connor pulls him in front of square for four. It's like watching Andrew Flintoff, but his eyes were closed throughout.

A dot to end the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 117-8 (Benge 4, Connor 2) - 41 overs

New man at the crease Ryan Connor is almost run out first ball. Each batsman gets a single before Connor misses out on a wide one, picking up another one off the final delivery.


Graham Porter b Divecha 2

Basingstoke and North Hants 113-8 (Benge 3, Connor 0) - 40.1 overs

First ball of the over and Porter goes to play a defensive stroke. Divecha gets it to spin through the gate and the Basingstoke man is clean bowled.


Basingstoke and North Hants 113-7 (Porter 2, Benge 3) - 40 overs

Thane is back into the attack and Benge struggles to get him away. Another maiden.


Basingstoke and North Hants 113-7 (Porter 2, Benge 3) - 39 overs

Benge takes a single off the first ball, Porter chips just short of a fielder at extra-cover off the second before taking two off the fourth. Benge sees out Divecha's over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 110-7 (Porter 0, Benge 2) - 38 overs

Poulter denied a sixth maiden as Benge takes a single off the last ball. Still a great spell from the Hook spinner, who finishes with figures of 10-5-11-1.


Basingstoke and North Hants 109-7 (Porter 0, Benge 1) - 37 overs

Benge defends five balls from Divecha before keeping the strike with a single off the last.


Basingstoke and North Hants 108-7 (Porter 0, Benge 0) - 36 overs

Another maiden for Poulter, making it five out of nine. Porter the latest batsman to struggle to get him away.


Matt Thankachan c Hobday b Divecha 22

Basingstoke and North Hants 108-7 (Porter 0, Benge 0) - 35 overs

Hoom bring off-spinner Anik Divecha into the attack. His first four balls are dots, but Thankachan then gets a top edge straight to Hobday at mid-on.

New batsman Lawrence Benge sees off the final delivery of the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 108-6 (Thankachan 22, Porter 0) - 34 overs

New batsman Graham Porter sees off the final two balls. A wicket-maiden.


Chris Froud b Poulter 28

Basingstoke and North Hants 108-6 (Thankachan 22, Porter 0) - 33.4 overs

Four dot balls and Froud gets frustrated, attempting to smash Poulter away. He misses and the bowler hits the stumps.

A big moment in the match.


Basingstoke and North Hants 108-5 (Froud 28, Thankachan 22) - 33 overs

A slight surprise to see Binns remain in the attack. Two dots before Froud takes a single, with Thankachan adding another one to the total straight after.

A leg-bye and a straight four for Thankachan end the over, with Divecha failing to make the stop, the ball bobbling over his foot when he would have prevented the boundary using his hands.


Basingstoke and North Hants 101-5 (Froud 27, Thankachan 17) - 32 overs

Poulter continues to keep it tight. Four dots. Before Froud gets him away for a quick single, but just one off the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 100-5 (Froud 26, Thankachan 17) - 31 overs

A dot but then Thankachan gets four with a straight drive. A cut through point adds another two off the next ball, but that's a big swing and a miss, earning Thankachan some advice from his skipper.

That's better, a nice drive through cover for four bringing up 100 and while the over ends with a dot, it's a good one for the hosts, 10 coming off it.


Basingstoke and North Hants 90-5 (Froud 26, Thankachan 7) - 30 overs

Thankachan is struggling to get Poulter away, but picks up a single from the final ball of the over to deny him a maiden.


Basingstoke and North Hants 89-5 (Froud 26, Thankachan 6) - 29 overs

That's a sore one, Froud being hit in a sensitive area by Binns. Plenty of chat after that. 

A dot, and then Froud gets a thick edge over the catchers for two. Two more dots, but the final ball of the over is pulled for four by the home skipper.

This could turn out to be a valuable partnership.


Basingstoke and North Hants 83-5 (Froud 20, Thankachan 6) - 28 overs

Hobday persists in fielding at silly point, despite getting his again, this time by Froud. He takes a tight single from the third ball, before Thankachan smashes the last ball over mid-on for a boundary.


Basingstoke and North Hants 78-5 (Froud 19, Thankachan 2) - 27 overs

A two for Froud, edged throughout the slips, followed by a wide and he then chips the ball just short of Brewer at mid-off. The next ball is ticked around the corner for one, with a dot ball to finish.


Basingstoke and North Hants 74-5 (Froud 13, Thankachan 2) - 26 overs

Poulter continues up the hill, with Thankachan facing. Another maiden, with Hobday again getting hit by one effort to get him away.


Basingstoke and North Hants 74-5 (Froud 13, Thankachan 2) - 25 overs

Binns bowls two dots and a wide, then another three dots. That's a massive appeal for caught behind. Hook were certain but Froud stood his ground and the umpire was unmoved.

Time for a drinks break.


Basingstoke and North Hants 73-5 (Froud 13, Thankachan 2) - 24 overs

Hook put Jordan Hobday in at silly point. Thankachan hits him with the first two balls and struggles to get Poulter away. Wiley bowling from the old campaigner, who is rewarded with a maiden.


Basingstoke and North Hants 73-5 (Froud 16, Thankachan 2) - 22 overs

Binns is causing problems. Froud takes a single but Thankachan is beaten. He takes a single into the leg side, but just two come off the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 71-5 (Froud 13, Thankachan 1) - 22 overs

Three singles off the over, one of which might have seen Thankachan run-out.


Basingstoke and North Hants 68-5 (Froud 13, Thankachan 0) - 21 overs

Matt Thankachan is the new batsman. He survives a couple of sticky moments to see out the over.


Martyn James c Love b Binns 13

Basingstoke and North Hants 68-5 (Froud 13, Thankachan 0) - 20.3 overs

Right-arm seamer Gary Binns comes on down the hill. He's got some pace and his third ball beats James. The next gets stuck in the pitch and James is through the shot early, popping it up to Love at mid-off.


Basingstoke and North Hants 67-4 (Froud 13, James 13) - 20 overs

Left-arm spinner Kevin Poulter, who took 5-1 last week, is on at the Town End of the ground. 

A maiden to start as James takes a good look at him.


Basingstoke and North Hants 67-4 (Froud 13, James 13) - 19 overs

Champ bowls his final over and James gets a streaky four over mid on with the opening delivery. James fends off the next three, before taking advantage of a leg-side delivery to tickle four behind the wicket. His final ball is a dot.


Basingstoke and North Hants 59-4 (Froud 13, James 5) - 18 overs

Two wides from Thane, who is then clipped through mid-on for four by James. He then takes a single, with only good fielding denying him more runs, while the final ball almost catches Froud out.


Basingstoke and North Hants 52-4 (Froud 13, James 0) - 17 overs

That over from Champ started before the break and ended after it, with just a leg-bye coming off the final ball.


We are back in action. Basingstoke need to dig in here.


The rain has stopped, but the covers remain on.

Speaking to the Basingstoke players, the ball is doing a bit off the pitch. Not going to be a day for big scores, but grinding it out.



Two balls into the next over and the rain gets too heavy. The umpires get the players off and the covers come on.


Basingstoke and North Hants 51-4 (Froud 13, James 0) - 16 overs

Just one wide off that over for Thane. The rain's getting worse.


Basingstoke and North Hants 50-4 (Froud 13, James 0) - 15 overs

Froud brings up the 50 with a single, but that's all for that over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 49-4 (Froud 12, James 0) - 14 overs

New batsman Martyn James sees off the final ball of the over.


Andrew Niblett c Divecha b Thane 4

Basingstoke and North Hants 49-4 (Froud 12, James 0) - 13.5 overs

The medium pace of Ben Thane replaces Brewer up the hill. New batsman Andrew Niblett hits his second ball for four, but he then holes out to Divecha at mid-on with the fifth ball. Basingstoke are in trouble here.


Craig Williamson c Buckingham b Champ 10

Basingstoke and North Hants 45-3 (Froud 12, Niblett 0) - 13 overs

Froud takes a single through mid-wicket off the first ball. Williamson leaves the next before picking up a single of his own. Another single for Froud, but Anika Divecha hurts himself fielding and there's a break as he tries to shake off the injury.

He's okay to continue but doesn't look comfortable when Williamson hits the next delivery to him.

The next ball is shorter from Champ and Williamson looks to hook. He gets a top edge and that's miles up in the air, giving Buckingham a simple catch.


Basingstoke and North Hants 42-2 (Froud 10, Williamson 9) - 12 overs

Brewer's first ball is a wide, but Williamson tucks the next away for four through mid-wicket. Another wide, but other than that, Williamson sees out the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 36-2 (Froud 10, Williamson 5) - 11 overs

Three dots before a leg-side wide from Champ. Froud taps the next around the corner for two, but they are leg-byes, before seeing out the over.


Basingstoke and North Hants 33-2 (Froud 10, Williamson 5) - 10 overs

Two boundaries. The first for Williamson through square leg, the second going down as leg byes, racing towards the sight-screen.


Basingstoke and North Hants 25-2 (Froud 10, Williamson 1) - 9 overs

Williamson gets off strike with a single, but that's it for that over.


Dan Coombs c Love b Champ 0

Basingstoke and North Hants 24-2 (Froud 10, Williamson 0) - 8.2 overs

Froud takes a single off the first ball, but that's not great from Coombs, blocking a straight delivery straight to Love at short leg. Left hander Craig Wiliamson in the next man in.


Basingstoke and North Hants 23-1 (Froud 9, Coombs 0) - 8 overs

Coombs digs out the final ball, which is full.


Andy Fulton c Buckingham b Brewer 10

Basingstoke and North Hants 23-1 (Froud 9, Coombs 0) - 7.5 overs

Fulton takes a quick single from Brewer's first delivery, but Froud leaves the next one alone outside off stump. Brewer tries a short ball, but Froud is onto it, pulling him for four square of the wicket, with the next a wide.

Another single for Froud, but then Fulton gets a feather on another good delivery and is caught by Josh Buckingham behind the stumps.


Basingstoke and North Hants 16-0 (Froud 4, Fulton 9) - 7 overs

Two dot balls to begin. The fielders are up when Champ hits Fulton's pads, but that's not out and the next ball is a wide. Another dot, before Fulton takes one off his pads, while Champ then strays too far outside off stump and that's a wide. Good fielding denies Froud a run last ball.


Basingstoke and North Hants 13-0 (Froud 4, Fulton 9) - 6 overs

Froud edges the first ball, but it drops short of Love at second slip. Big play and miss second ball, Froud is getting tied down. He sensibly leaves the next one, but that's another play and miss, while his shot off the last drops just short of extra cover. A good maiden.


Basingstoke and North Hants 13-0 (Froud 4, Fulton 9) - 5 overs

Fulton pulls the first ball for four through square leg, the opening boundary of the match. No further scoring, with Fulton doing well to dig out the final delivery, a fast Yorker from Champ.


Basingstoke and North Hants 9-0 (Froud 4, Fulton 5) - 4 overs

Brewer is bowling a good line. His first two deliveries are dots, while Froud wafts at the third. Froud gets off strike with a single to mid-wicket, with Fulton taking two off the next. The last ball is quicker, and Fulton guides it along the ground, through the slips to keep the strike.


Basingstoke and North Hants 5-0 (Froud 3, Fulton 2) - 3 overs

There's a bit of rain in the air, but Champs beats Fulton outside the off-stump first ball. The batsman fends off the next two deliveries before taking a single when Champ puts one down the leg side.

Hook are really up for this as Froud misses the next, but he takes a rapid three off the final delivery.


Basingstoke and North Hants 1-0 (Froud 0, Fulton 1) - 2 overs

Another right-arm seamer, Shane Brewer, takes the ball from the other end. His first four balls are left alone by Fulton, before he takes a single through the slips, and that's it.


Basingstoke and North Hants 0-0 (Froud 0, Fulton 0) - 1 over

Spencer Champ opens the bowling for Hook, with Froud facing first. Andy Fulton is the other opener.

The first three balls are dots, though Fulton is almost run out looking for a quick single. Half an appeal when the fifth ball beats Froud, but it's a maiden.


The players are out and the waiting is almost over.



Basingstoke captain Chris Froud won the toss and has elected to bat. 

The pitch looks in good nick, but Hook captain Matt Love says he would have chosen to bowl anyway.


Good afternoon and welcome to live over-by-over coverage of Basingstoke and North Hants v Hook and Newnham Basics from May's Bounty.


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