KENNET Ospreys were knocked out of the National Supercup competition last Sunday, losing by eight points to the host club at Guildford Angling Centre and Match Fishing Scene.

A disappointed club captain Ian Jones said: “Although the team put in a lot of practice at Willingshurst, we could not fish the allotted match pegs under match conditions, and Guildford’s home advantage paid off.”

The final scores were Guildford 10 points, Ospreys 18pts, and Match Fishing Scene 20pts.

Good luck to Guildford in the next round at Coleman’s Cottage in Essex.

Adventure AS took themselves to Gold Valley for their latest match, where teenager Jake Gallagher topped out with 116lb of carp on the pellet waggler. Steve Palmer took second place with 57lb 8oz of carp on the bomb and pellet wag. Scott Nelson’s 40lb 8oz was a perfect wag affair, as was Mick Fordham’s 30lb 4oz.

Twenty fished and caught.

Camrose AC fished at New Barlows on Sunday last, where Brian Orchard drew a good peg, as usual, and won from it with 21lb of mixed on pole and pellet. Bill Atkinson fished a long pole and pellet for his 16lb 3oz of carp and barbel. Danny Williams came next with 12lb 8oz, followed by Paul Follerton on 11lb 2oz.

Twelve fished and all caught.

Kennet Ospreys’ match at Bowsaw Lake saw venue expert Terry Bowles score with 128lb 1oz of carp on pole and meat. Simon Kiefer came second with a pole and meat caught 126lb 4oz. Andy Cox put 103lb in the sack for third place, followed by Andy Leith on 65lb 8oz.

Twenty-two fished and all caught.

Adventure AS’ recent match at Willow Pool saw Kevin Holmes win with an even 65lb of carp on the pellet waggler.

Nick Sargent’s six carp for 33lb fell to the feeder and garlic sausage. Rob Gallagher caught nine carp on the method for 33lb 12oz, while in form Darren Wright netted seven carp for 30lb.

Fourteen fished and caught.

Camrose AC held a match at Soke Road Lake, where Brian Orchard topped out with 33lb 15oz of carp. Danny Williams took second place with 26lb 3oz. Rob Frost came next on 22lb 7oz, followed by Bill Atkinson’s 15lb 2oz.

Nine fished and caught.

Kennet Ospreys’ match at Greenridge Farm saw Bartosz Recki top out on 156lb 8oz of carp on pole and meat. Gerry Nickells fished with pole and pellet for his 125lb. Simon (the God) Kiefer’s 112lb 8oz was a pole and maggot affair. Pete Newman weighed 108lb 6oz, followed by Steve Hunt’s 87lb.

Sixteen fished and caught.

Adventure’s match secretary, Nick Sargent, has had some success using garlic sausage, so on Saturday he cut the said bait into cubes and put them in the fridge.

The next morning, there was no garlic sausage. Thinking he might have put it elsewhere, he searched high and low.

As a last resort, he woke his 19-year-old son, Liam, and enquired about his bait.

“Oh that,” Liam said, “I ate it”.

So girls, if you want to catch a 19-year-old called Liam, try garlic sausage, but don’t kiss him afterwards.

Catch me next week.