THE Abacus Employment Hatch Warren Phoenix Flames and Blaze sides have had a busy few months of action – as well as a trip to the Camrose, the home of Basingstoke Town.

Fraser Barnett won the last Player of the Month award for April, after the team’s final encounter against Andover New Street.

The game was the ideal opportunity to give some of next season’s under-sevens playing experience ahead of their summer tournaments.

The management and coaches mixed the boys and girls and this reaped some rewards.

Charlie Barlow helped himself to no less than five goals, while the light brigade of Joel Nicholls, Max Shepherd and Jack Ross tore through the hosts’ defence at every opportunity.

Previously, the team had a tough trip to Sherborne.

For the Blaze, Thomas Woodward covered every inch of the pitch, and his workhorse partner Xavier Kirby-Payne was the man-of-the-match. Goalkeeper Niall Waite was the spirit-of-the-match winner.

The Flames also came under intense pressure from Sherborne, with goalkeepers Sadie Martindale and Toby Osborne having a busy time, while the spirit-of-the-game awards went to Stanley Garrett and Charlie North.

A few weeks earlier, a busy weekend started with the Flames and Blaze side spending a match day at the Camrose.

As well as getting to train on the pitch, the young players got a tour of the changing rooms, and provided a guard of honour before the game. They also entertained the crowd with a penalty shoot-out.

Fresh from this, they faced the Winklebury Wizards at Down Grange, and new recruit Ross again had a good game.

The diminutive figure of Charlie Allen continued to amaze his watching parents with his determination and ability to deliver what was needed in any position.

Shot stoppers Niall Waite and Martindale did well, while Charlie Barlow was the man-of-the-match.

On the opposite pitch for the Blaze, Matthew Bull and partner ‘in crime’ Thomas Woodward continued to lead by example while Shepherd was named man-of-the-match.