ADVENTURE AS travelled to Milton Keynes for their latest match, against local side Little Harrigon, on the prolific Alders Farm Fishery.

Adventure’s Dave Stratford-Way took the honours, netting 144lb 12oz of carp, using meat on pole and method. Team mate Colin Shepherd took second spot on 124lb 6oz of carp on the method feeder, and with Graham Shadwell taking third place with 119lb 5oz, Adventure made it a clean sweep of placings and won the team event by 774lb to 414lb.

Twenty-four fished and caught.

Kennet Ospreys were at Timsbury Manor Lake last Sunday, and Terry Bowles emptied the place, bagging 233lb 6oz of carp on top two (what else?) and meat.

Roy Deanus’ 82lb 12oz was also a pole and meat affair, as was Steve Hunt’s 73lb 2oz, while Mick Donohoe caught 52lb 5oz on pole and paste.

Ten fished and caught.

Camrose AC fished at Blue Pool, where Brian Orchard topped out with 46lb of carp on pole and paste. Bill Gordon’s 23lb of carp was a pole and bread affair. Paul Hunt used pole and pellets for his 13lb, while Pete Morris weighed 11lb 3oz. Ten fished and caught.

Oxoid AC went to Witherington Farm on Selwood Lake last Sunday, and Geoff North fished pole and pellet for his 32lb of carp and bream. Pete Matthews used the feeder for his 25lb 14oz of mixed. Peter Lovegrove came next with 13lb 2oz on the feeder, followed by John Harris with 7lb.

Eleven fished and caught.

Kennet Ospreys’ recent match at Greenridge Farm saw Simon (The God) Kiefer top out on 142lb 9oz of carp on pole and meat. Venue ace Pete Newman took second spot, netting 136lb 4oz on pole and meat. Glen Wills came next with 108lb 8oz, followed by Ray Shepherd on 94lb.

Eighteen fished and caught.

Basingstoke Railway Club took themselves to MBK coloured ponds, where Trevor Matthews topped out with 32lb of carp on pole and corn. Rob Carr came next with 25lb 10oz of carp on pole and meat. Jack Hearn made third on 18lb, while Keith Brown made up the frame with 14lb 8oz.

Keith said he had a bad peg. I believe him.

Fourteen fished and caught.

Adventure’s match at Willow Pool saw Brian Swindle top out with eight carp on the method for 33lb. Nick Sargent’s eight carp weighed 32lb 12oz. Colin Shepherd’s 26lb 121oz was a bream and carp affair, as was John Ambrose’s 23lb 8oz.

Ten fished and caught.

Camrose took themselves to Whitehouse Lake, where Pip Seeny won with 38lb 5oz of mixed on pole and bread. Brian Orchard used pole and pellet for his 27lb 2oz of mixed. Rob Frost caught 25lb 2oz on pole and pellet, while Colin Ariss made up the frame with 18lb 13oz on pole and maggot.

Catch me next week.