BRADLEY Sutton has enjoyed a great start to 2014 in various competitions in modern penatathlon, triathlon, biathlon and biathle.

The 15-year-old Brighton Hill Community School pupil completed his first two modern penatathlon World Class Programme ID camps and was then asked by Pentathlon GB to complete in a Youth International at Solihull in the next age group up.

Sutton recorded the third-fastest swim in the competition, which was a new personal best, as well as gaining a lot of experience against international fencers and in the combined event (run and shoot).

His excellent start to the year continued as he finished third in the South West Triathlon, a performance emulated by his sister, Jessica.

She recorded the best shoot for her age group and both of them have now qualified for the National Triathlon in May.

The brother and sister also competed in the National Schools Biathlon finals at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and both enjoyed the experience of swimming in the London 2012 Olympic pool.

Jessica improved on her ranking by some 20 places, while Bradley went into the competi-tion ranked number two and finished second with yet another personal best.

Bradley then won the South West Biathle in a record time of 8minutes 55seconds for the continuous 1,000metre run, 200m swim, 1,000m run.

This is one of the qualifying competitions for the European Biathle Championships at Setubal, Portugal, in which he finished fifth last year.