TWENTY-TWO Adventure Angling Association members went to Greenridge Farm for their latest match, and it was Mick Fordham who took the honours with 140lb 8oz of pole and corn-caught carp.

Andy Quarmby filled second spot on 133lb of carp on pole and maggot. Trevor Thornton’s 130lb 8oz was a pole and meat affair, while Anthony Flint’s fourth-placed 117lb 4oz of carp fell to pole and maggot.

This venue seems to be returning to its former glory on lakes two, three and four.

Kennet Ospreys were at Timsbury Manor for their fixture, and it was Steve Hunt who made the most of a good draw and an adjacent blank peg to top out with 75lb 6oz of carp on pole and met.

Ian Jones put an even 52lb of carp in the sack on pole and meat for second place. Mick Donohoe made third place with 38lb 14oz, just topping Pat Hollies on 37lb 9oz.

Fourteen fished an improving venue.

Basingstoke Railway Piscatorials were at Greenridge Farm Lakes one and two, and those on lake one need not have bothered to fish.

Rob Carr won it from lake two with 83lb 4oz of carp on pole and meat. John Hoolie caught his 80lb 4oz on the same tactics as the winner, while I managed third spot with 56lb 8oz on pole and paste. Ben Truman caught 46lb 9oz of mixed on pole and maggot.

Thirteen fished but most blanked on the dreaded lake one.

Camrose AC were at New Barlows Lake last Sunday, where Rob Frost did the business with 18lb 12oz of carp and bream on the pole and pellet. Bill Atkinson fed pellet and fished pole and pellet for his four carp weighing 10lb. Pete Morris came next with 6lb 6oz of mixed on pole and maggot, followed by Pip Seeny on an even 5lb.

Twelve fished but some did not weigh in.

Oxoid AC took a trip to Witherington Farm inner for their latest match, and birthday boy Jack Pope celebrated his 17th with a win, 49lb 10oz of carp on pole and pellet.

Del Baulsom put 27lb 13oz of carp and bream in the sack for second place on pole and maggot. John Wylie’s 24lb 12oz came next, followed by Shelton Caswell’s 22lb 2oz.

Thirteen fished and caught.

Stacey’s match group went to Cheriton Farm on Sunday last, where group organiser Keith Brown topped out with 141lb of carp on pole and pellet up in the water. Andy (Hooverman) Wicks fished the pellet wag for his 108lb 8oz of carp. Kevin Roberts netted 63lb 8oz, while Matthew Butler caught 50lb 12oz.

For the second week running, an angler has fallen in. Tadley Angling Centre’s proprietor, Kevin Roberts, toppled off his fishing platform and into the lake.

It’s alleged that it took six anglers to pull him out of the water.

I don’t believe he has muesli for breakfast!

Catch me next week.