ADVENTURE AS took a safari to Orchard Lakes, near Bashley, on Sunday last, where Dave Stratford- Way made it a worthwhile trip by topping out with 103lb 12oz of carp on pole and corn.

Andy Crombie’s 101lb of carp on pole and pellet came next, followed by Mark Blackman on 78lb 12oz and Anthony Flint with 77lb 14oz.

Twenty-one fished and caught on a prolific venue.

Kennet Ospreys took a trip to Willow Park for their latest match, and it was Ian Turner who did the business with an even 40lb of carp on pellet and corn.

Mick Donohoe lost as many fish as he caught and weighed in 34lb 8oz of carp on pole and soft pellet. Bob Poulton made third on 29lb, followed by Camouflage Jim with 26lb.

Nineteen fished a patchy venue and not all caught.

Basingstoke Railway Club went to an off colour Dandys Ford Fishery, where Lynn Matthews struck a blow for the ladies by scoring with 24lb 8oz of carp on pole and meat.

Her better half, Trevor, came second with 21lb 4oz on pole and meat, followed by George Ramsay with 15lb and Brian O’Donnel on 12lb.

Thirteen fished and caught.

Camrose AC fished on Whitehouse Lake last Sunday, and it was Tony Holdsworth who sorted it best with 23lb 4oz of carp on pole and pellet.

Darren Brown’s 21lb 6oz of mixed was good enough for second spot, followed by Pete Morris on 13lb 10oz, and Bill Atkinson with 13lb 8oz of mixed, and a top two section that was towed all round the lake by a fish.

The Adventure AS match at Bowsaw Lake saw the venue in good form, especially for Dave Stratford-Way, who topped out with 103lb 12oz on pole and corn.

Darren Wright put 101lb 8oz in the sack for second spot, followed by Fred Gill on 78lb 4oz and Rob Gallagher with 68lb 8oz.

Twenty-two anglers fished and caught.

Camrose AC went to Old Barlows for their match, where Brian Orchard won it with 9lb 10oz of carp on pole and caster.

Pole and maggot gave Chris Hopgood second spot with 6lb 13oz of bream and carp. Tony Holdworth’s 3lb 14oz came next, followed by Bob Frost on 2lb 2oz.

Fifteen fished and caught.

Kennet Ospreys fish the first round of the National Super Cup competition this Saturday and, having caught plenty of fish in practice, confidence is high within the Basingstoke club.

Let’s hope confidence equates to victory over Feltham and Twickenham piscatorials.

Having celebrated my 71st birthday last Monday, I told ’er indoors that I’m going to take it easier from now on.

One eyebrow shot up, “Take it easier and you would do nothing”, she said.

“Exactly dear,” I replied.

However, one good thing about March 31 is that Ospreys’ Club chairman Maurice Parsons (Maurice the large to his friends) obtained a new granddaughter, so well done to him and, of course, his daughter Luisa.

Catch me next week.