ERIC Geden-Tysoe is not a name that local anglers would instantly recognise but, Eric, the cheery Basingstoke Canal bailiff with the knobbly walking stick, would be known immediately, firstly, as an Environment Agency bailiff and then as a canal bailiff. Sadly Eric passed away recently, at the age of 89.

Eric joined the First Basingstoke Scout Troop in 1951 as a Scoutmaster, and in 2012 received a 60 year service medal as vice-president of Scouting. His people skills learned in those years served him well in his bailiffing duties. Eric held dear the values that are sadly lacking in today’s society.

I was at the turning bay in Odiham a few years ago, when a mum dropped two lads off for a day’s fishing. After an hour Eric came striding along checking permits. The lads hadn’t got permits, or the means to buy any.

One lad said: “I’ve got a permit, but I’ve left it at home”. The second owned up to not having a permit.

Eric chided the first boy for fibbing, and praised the second for telling the truth, then marched off blaming the parents. Rest in peace Eric, the likes of you are a rare commodity.

Kennet Ospreys’ match at Greenridge Farm put Gerry Nickells in the driving seat with 78lb of carp on pole and soft pellet. “Top Two” Terry Bowles netted 72lb of carp on pole maggot and corn. Glen Wills made third spot with 61lb of carp on long pole and mag, while Pat Hollies made up the frame with 47lb of carp on pole and maggot.

Sixteen fished an improving fishery.

Basingstoke Railway Club’s match, at Cheriton Farm, saw Colin Ariss borrow a rod and bait from Keith Brown and duly beat him into second place with it, netting 22lb 8oz of carp on the pellet waggler. Trevor Matthews’ 12lb was a waggler and pellet jobby, while John Hooley caught 8lb 8oz on pole and maggot.

Eleven fished and caught.

Camrose AC’s match at New Barlows put Pip Seeny top of the podium with 15lb 8oz on pole and corn, ahead of Bill Atkinson (11lb 5oz of carp on pole and maggot). Bill Gordon fished the same method for 7lb 8oz, Pete Morris catching 6lb 8oz.

Ten fished and caught.

Adventure AS went to Bat Lake at Gold Valley, where Graham Shadwell fished the feeder for his five carp for 30lb 12oz. Roger Sargent was runner-up on 27lb 8oz.

Ten fished and caught.

It was a case of dé ja vu for Kennet Ospreys, who have been drawn against Feltham and Twickenham Piscatorials in the first round of the National Supercup competition. Ospreys are away this time, but having beaten them before, the visitors must be favourites.

Catch me next week.