KENNET Ospreys’ match at Dandys Ford last Sunday saw Steve Shepherd draw well yet again – and win yet again – with 66lb 5oz of carp on pole and corn.

Mick Donahoe, another drawbag artist, took second place with 60lb 1oz on soft pellet. Paul Bassinder’s 34lb of carp was good enough for third place, followed by Steve Hunt’s 32lb 4oz on corn.

Twenty-two fished and caught.

Adventure AS went to Greenridge Farm for their latest outing, where Andy Quarmby put 68lb of carp in the sack on pole and maggot. Gary Herman took second place with 58lb 12oz of carp, again on pole and mag. Graham Spiller’s 44lb 4oz was a pole and mag affair, as was Steve Palmer’s 43lb 12oz. Match secretary Nick Sargent tells me that the fish seem to be spreading along the venues, which is good news.

Nineteen fished and caught.

Camrose AC went to Whitehouse Lake for their most recent match, and Pip Seeny won it with 29lb 8oz of bream on pole and maggot. Pete Morris caught bream, carp and bits on pole and corn for his even 26lb. Les Partridge weighed in 20lb 12oz of mixed on pole and maggot, while the human wind break, Colin Ariss, caught 18lb 1oz.

Eleven fished and caught.

Basingstoke Railway Club were at New Barlows Lake for their latest event, and Stacey’s supremo Keith Brown took the honours with 11lb 8oz of bream and carp on pole and maggot.

Les Patridge came second with one carp for 2lb 8oz, followed by Jack Hearn’s 1lb 4oz. Ten fished and caught.

Adventure AS went to Frobury Farm match lakes one and two last week, and Kevin Holmes did the business with 36lb 4oz of carp on pole and mag. Trevor Tarrant’s 34lb was a similar catch on similar bait, as was Scott Nelson’s 32lb. Dave Stratford-Way made up the frame with 26lb.

Twenty-one fished and caught.

Andy Leith did the business at Ospreys’ match on Bowsaw Lake, by fishing the method for 36lb 7oz of carp. Paul Bassinder’s corn and method approach brought him 35lb of carp. Steve Shepherd’s 25lb 1oz was also a method affair, as was Steve Hunt’s 21lb 2oz.

Seventeen fished a patchy venue.

Staceys match group went to Soke Road for their latest match and, on a tough venue, Keith Brown won with 7lb 1oz of carp on maggot and bomb. Doug Whitford was next with 5lb 12oz, followed by Kevin Smith on 3lb 10oz and Andy Wicks with 2lb 14oz.

Thirteen fished and three blanked.

Camrose’s match at Frobury was won by Colin Thomas with 65lb of carp on pole and mag. Paul Hunt was second on 15lb 2oz, with Darren Brown third, with 14lb 8oz.

Ten fished and caught.

Steve Telford asked me if Ian Jones had been taking fishing lessons from Bill Gordon. When I asked why, he said “during Sunday’s match at Dandys, Jonesy had fished several swims, stood up fishing the pole at long lengths and adopted some theatrical stances.”

I said I might ask Jonesy, but then I might let discretion be the better part of valour.

Catch me next week.