ADVENTURE AS went to Greenridge Farm for last Sunday’s match and it was Andy Quarmby who sorted it best, bagging 97lb 12oz of carp on pole and maggot.

Jake Gallagher used the same method for the same species to net an even 75lb. Justin Mabere put 50lb of carp on the scales, while Rob Gallagher made up the frame with 43lb 12oz.

Twenty-four fished the re-hashed venue but not all caught.

Kennet Ospreys’ match at Dandys Ford saw Steve Hunt win yet again with 37lb 13oz of carp on pole and corn. Steve Shepherd also put pole and corn to good use for his 27lb 12oz of carp. Gerry Nickells fished with pole and pellet to net 21lb 14oz, while Ian Jones made fourth place on 18lb 2oz. Eight drams, in front of Bartosz Recki – and he still moaned.

Twenty fished but not all weighed.

Camrose AC were at New Barlows for their latest match, where Pete Morris caught three carp on pole and maggot for 7lb 8oz. Angling nomad Pete Mayhew caught a tench of 5lb 8oz and bits on the feeder. For his 6lb 3oz, Pip Seeny pole and magged it for his two bream and 4lb 12oz of bits.

Ten fished – some caught, some didn’t, including Colin Ariss.

Oxoid AC went to Frobury Farm for their latest match and Shelton Caswell did the business with 19lb 12oz of carp on pole and maggot. Del Baulsom’s carp and bits bag weighed 16lb 9oz and was a pole and mag affair, as was George Coomber’s 12lb 7oz of mixed. Pete Lovegrove made up the frame on 7lb 13oz.

Ten fished and all caught.

Adventure AS’s match at Frobury Farm saw a win for Darren Wright. Using pole and pellet, 49lb 12oz of carp found their way into the sack. Mick Fordham used pole and maggot for his 28lb 10oz. Alan Chadbone weighed 27lb 12oz, while Anthony Flint caught 26lb 12oz.

Twenty-three fished and caught.

Kennet Ospreys’ trip to Willow Park saw Glen Wills score with 42lb 10oz of carp on pole and 8mm pellet. Bob Poulton came next with 39lb 8oz. Pat Hollies followed with 18lb 14oz, with Ian Jones next on 18lb 12oz.

Ten fished and caught.

Colin Thomas won the Camrose AC match at Soke Road with 5lb 12oz of carp on bits and pole and mag. Pete Morris was next on 5lb 6oz of mixed, followed by Les Partridge with 3lb 12oz.

Thirteen fished and caught.

On my weekly phone round to get stories, results, etc, I spoke to Steve Telford, and asked him where he had fished on Sunday.

“I didn’t” he said, “I was house painting”.

After a long silence, and as I recoiled in shock, I explained that painting midweek is excusable, and in extreme circumstances, on a Saturday it is allowed, but never on Sunday, when fishing is to be done.

I told him that once in July, 1973 I mowed the lawns after ducking out of a practise session on the River Nene. I was shaken up for several weeks after realising what I had done. So, if you see Steve Telford out on the bank this Sunday, put an arm around him and tell him it will be okay.

I’m back from Tenerife, and had hardly unpacked when ’er indoors and my daughter Laura booked a June holiday in Majorca and, with a March trip to the Canaries planned, bang goes the end and start of the fishing season.

Catch me next week.