TADLEY Angling’s Christmas charity match took place on old and new Barlows Lakes, and it was Kevin Holmes who sorted it best with a carp and tench bag of 28lb 8oz caught on pole and maggot.

Steve Davis bagged five carp for his 14lb, again pole and mag was the method. Kevin Roberts rounded off the day with 7lb 2oz, and third place.

The match raised £60 for St Michael’s Hospice, and 20 anglers took part.

Kennet Ospreys fished a re-arranged match at Dandys Lane Fishery, and it was venue expert Steve Hunt who topped out with 34lb of carp on pole and corn. Steve Shepherd put his festive moaning on hold to record 24lb 12oz of carp on pole and maggot. Pete Wooldridge used a similar method for his 23lb 5oz, with Mark (Red) Funnel making up the frame with 21lb 1oz.

Camrose AC were at New Barlows for their latest match, where Terry Bowles eclipsed the field with 57lb 10oz of carp on pole and corn. Rob Frost made second place with 10lb 7oz of mixed on pole and maggot. Bill Gordon took third place with 9lb 9oz, followed by Darren Brown with 4lb 5oz of skimmers.

Adventure AS fished at Frobury Farm on match lakes one and two, and Nick Sargent took the honours with a 49lb 4oz bag of carp on pole and maggot. Mick Fordham put 38lb 8oz of pole and maggot caught carp in the sack for second spot. Trevor Tarrant’s 28lb 12oz was good enough for third place, followed by Martin Wickens with 27lb 4oz.

Camrose AC took themselves off to Cheriton Farm over the holiday period and it was Brian Orchard who won the match with 44lb 8oz of carp on the pellet waggler. Paul Bassinder fished with pole and meat for his 22lb 14oz of carp. Darren (Dodgy) Brown used pole and pellet to net 17lb 8oz, followed by Bill Atkinson with 9lb 12oz on pole and borrowed maggot.

Kennet Ospreys’ match at Dandys Lane saw Ray Shepherd win with 31lb 4oz of carp on pole and corn. Steve Telford fished pole and maggot for his second-placed 14lb 10oz. Simon “The God” Kiefer weighed an even 10lb for third place, followed by Steve Shepherd’s 9lb.

’Er indoors has taken to devious ways of getting me to do more.

After lunch I was asked to do the washing up. Trembling with shock, I asked why?

“I cooked” she said, “you wash up”.

I looked at the sink with horror. ‘Do I know how to wash up?’ I thought.

After doing the chore, it suddenly dawned on me that we had a ham salad. I’m sure I saw a smirk on ’er indoors’ face!

I’m Tenerife bound next week, so catch me in a fortnight.