Three players still on the injury list and our first-line centre and goaltender on international duty as GB try to qualify for the Olympics.

A cracking win against Bracknell and a win and a loss against Telford last week.

And this weekend, our final league match against Telford, followed by an away game on Sunday in Sheffield, against whom we stand 2 -2 for the season.

Where do I start?

With Stevie Lyle, of course, who has been called up to the full GB squad to enhance their prospects of qualification.

We have had the privilege of watching him perform week after week. His selection to replace the injured Stephen Murphy is a fitting recognition of his outstanding performances all season.

It was already an achievement for the GB team to qualify for this tournament. Can our two Bison players inspire those around them to Olympic glory?

If you do win an award, Greg (Owen), please don’t drop it.

I’d like to thank Nottingham Panthers for making it possible for ex–Bison Dan Green to step into this specialist role this weekend.

We’re on the home stretch now, and we must maintain our challenge in every game if we are to win anything. Telford are hitting good form now and we will benefit from Green’s experience against a team as powerful as Sheffield.

I would also like to thank Coventry Blaze for agreeing to Matt Selby joining us on a two-way contract. He picked up a few assists in Telford and impressed in our local derby match against Bracknell.

He’s only been playing hockey for five years, but has picked up lots of good habits already. He’s strong on the puck, makes good decisions and works hard.

There may be injuries. There may be absences. We intend to stay at the top of the table.

See you Saturday.