WITH the weather putting paid to most angling fixtures over the past three weeks, I think it’s a testament to the durability, or stupidity as ’er indoors puts it, of anglers that matches took place at all.

If the venues were ice-free, travelling was very difficult, and if the roads were clear, the venues were iced over. However, Kennet Ospreys made it to Gold Valley last Sunday for a silver fish match on “Big Gold” Lake.

Match secretary André Grandjean took the honours on the day with 10 skimmer bream and two roach for 14lb 8oz, all falling to a feeder and maggot combination.

Tomasz Wojcik took second place from the next peg to the winner, with five bream on feeder and worm tactics totalling 11lb 12oz.

“Uncle” Bill Suggers didn’t have a bit until the last hour of the match but still managed third place with 7lb 15oz. Ken Dack made up the frame with 7lb 7oz.

For some the best part of the day was the breakers at Willow Park. 23 fished, four did not trouble the scalesman, and Ged Cooper didn’t beat the muppets either side of him.

Anglers who were considering fishing the R and DAA Canal match this coming Sunday, please note that because of a canoe race, the event has now been put back to February 24.

Adventure AS are going to Bowsaw this Sunday, Camrose AC will be at Old Barlows, while Kennet Osprey is going to Dandys Lane.

Adventure AS went to Frobury Farm last Sunday, and it was Graham Hathaway who topped out with 30lb 4oz of carp and rudd on pole and maggot tactics.

Match secretary Nick Sargent’s 21lb of mixed on pole and mag put him in second spot. Kevin Smith made third with 17lb 4oz of mixed on pole and mag, the same method used by Dave Sexton for his 16lb 12oz. In total 16 fished and caught.

Camrose AC went to Soke Road Fishery last week, where Pete Morris caught one carp and bits to win with 1lb 8oz, 8drm. Pole and mag was the method employed.

Bill Atkinson put 8oz on the scales and that gave him second spot. Chris Hopgood’s 4oz and Pip Seeny’s 3oz made up the frame and, after an arduous day, all seven anglers went home cheesed off.

Last week, eight Ospreys braved the elements and went to a part frozen Willow Park. Anthony Thomas drew well and won the match with 33lb 3oz of carp and bream on pole pellet and maggot.

Anthony Flint caught all bream on pole and pellet for his 32lb 14oz. Mark Funnell’s all bream catch weighed 16lb 9oz, followed by Mark Cane’s 11lb 12oz. Again, the best bit of the day was the Willow brekkie.

Tadley Angling’s Kevin Roberts has been married for 30 years, so he’s off for a romantic weekend. I hope he takes his wife.

Catch me next week.