TOTALLY Tennis and the Hampshire Court were the supporters of the latest charity tennis tournament run by Oakley Tennis Club, which raised £440 for children’s charity Barnado’s.

The event was held at Hampshire Court in Chineham and organised by the former president of the Basingstoke and District Tennis League Dave Nicholson.

It included a tournament run in American doubles style for both men and ladies, with players competing as single players for the overall men’s and ladies league. Each match consisted of six games, with players changing partner each match and accumulating games into a final score.

The overall winners were Frank Marshall, who won 19 games, followed closely by second-placed Adam Hood with a total of 18. The Ladies winning position was shared by Christian Buckley and Pam Taylor, who both won 19 games.

Totally Tennis players and former players who competed in the event were runner-up Adam Hood, Sam Brill, who won 11 games, Josh Bliss (8), Barry Ward (7) and Clive Mills (7).

Coach Shyam Vithlani said: “The tournament was a great way for local players to compete whilst supporting Dave and the charity.

“Totally Tennis donated individual lessons to the winning players as prizes and Hampshire Court donated the use of all the courts.”

Barnado’s runs over 800 hundred projects in Britain that transform the lives of more than 200,000 children and young people every year.

For more information, visit the website