A FESTIVAL in Tidworth pulled in an estimated 3,000 people on Saturday.

The free event took place on the Community Centre Field between 10am and 5pm and was organised by Tidworth Town Council.

Organiser Cllr Corby Kemp said:“It was busy and we’ve had a very positive response with people asking if we will be doing it again next year.

“Ideally I’d like it to run into the evening and it is an ambition of mine to have some live music and bands.”

One of the highlights was the chilli eating competition won by local resident Kieran Agnew.

Corby said: “The winner had a good technique as he didn’t chew and just bit into the chilli and swallowed.

“There was also a town crier competition led by the Trowbridge town crier Trevor Heeks. He managed 100 decibels but nobody could match him.”