ANDOVER Young Carers have benefited from donations of over £3,000 thanks to generous customers from Sainsbury’s in Andover and Andover North.

The total of £3,135.33 was the result of a year’s worth of fundraising and awareness support from the stores for the charity.

Colleagues from the stores, including store manager Andy Meechan, met the charity members at Andover Young Carers to celebrate the successful partnership.

For the last five years, the retailer gives customers nationwide the chance to vote for their favourite local charity, to be considered to receive a year’s worth of support from their nearby Sainsbury’s store.

Throughout the last 12 months, colleagues at the store held several activities to raise funds and awareness of the charity’s cause.

These included an introduction barbecue which helped introduce the charity to the Sainsbury’s colleagues that would be fundraising, meanwhile the store also took part in a sponsored walk up Snowdon which helped to raise funds.

Andy Meechan added: “Our colleagues have really enjoyed working with Andover Young Carers and it’s certainly touched the hearts of many of them that didn’t necessarily have a direct link to them before.

“We know what an important part they play in the community and we hope the year-long partnership has helped remind our customers of the valuable service they provide in Andover.

“Thanks to the partnership, we’ll certainly now be looking into ways we can support them in the future.”

Sarah Affleck, Andover Young Carers’ charity executive, said: “Working with Sainsbury’s Andover and Andover North over the last 12 months has made such a difference to our cause.

“We’ve raised a fantastic amount which we’re putting towards a swing play set for the charities garden and we’re now looking forward to working with them on future opportunities.”