OVER Wallop Parish Council have received a £500 community grant from Test Valley Borough councillor Tony Hope.

The money will be used to help fund the provision of a community defibrillator for the village.

Councillor Hope said: “I am delighted to be able to award such a useful sum of money towards this worthy campaign.

“The provision of defibrillators in rural areas has been proved to save lives, and is an excellent example of a project identified by the community, which will benefit the community.

“The aim of the Councillor Community grant is to support local people to establish their own priorities and deliver solutions to local issues.”

Councillor Lindsay Murray-Twinn, Parish Council chair, said: “We are very happy to receive such a welcome boost to our funding from Test Valley Borough Council.

“The defibrillator will provide a valuable resource for years to come.”

The British Heart Foundation cite that rural areas and those where it is hard for an ambulance to reach quickly are all places where defibrillators need to be placed to help save lives.