A BANNER to commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War has been created by pupils at Barton Stacey CE Primary School.

The art project was led by Catherine Cartwright of Nelly Moser Art who created the design and then worked with the children to inspire their creativity during the week.

Materials for the banner were provided by the parents of the children and every child and staff member contributed in some way to the banner.

Some of the children’s mums and grandmothers helped to put the banner together ready to be officially displayed at the school’s open evening.

The banner’s background is a Union Jack and each class produced artwork to represent different aspects of the war including poppies, miniature people dressed in military and nurses’ uniforms, a trench, lino prints of war images and finally the embroidered initials of the names of the men recorded on the Barton Stacey War Memorial.

Acting head teacher Sue Evans said: “The World War One Commemorative Art Project was a fantastic vehicle for engaging the children with the lessons we can learn from history and the effects of this event.”