AN elderly Andover couple say they were devastated after a hedge on their garden boundary was grubbed out by a building developer.

Malcolm and Margaret Hitchings, of Walworth Road, discovered that their hedge had been destroyed along with several small trees by workmen from David Wilson Homes.

The hedge and trees were originally planted by the couple to show David Wilson Homes the boundaries of where it was meant to build on.

The firm is building 114 new homes at Locksbridge Park in Picket Piece and the H i t c h i n g s ’ home and land borders the site.

According to Mr Hitchings, 73, David Wilson Homes had promised not to build on their land without permission and he was shocked when he found out that a strip measuring 2ft by 30ft was removed on July 9.

It was ripped up as David Wilson Homes wanted to lay down the foundations for a retaining wall.

Mr Hitchings said: “I had trees planted there that I had gardened and there was a hedge. They have taken away the land and the hedge. I could not believe it. I thought we had rights. I said to myself they can’t take away my land.

“I feel violated that they have done this. Where is it going to stop?

“A man’s home is his castle and I feel like we’ve been raided.”

He added: “The thing that got to us is that they did it without consulting us properly.”

A spokesman for David Wilson Homes, said: “We have clarified the m i s u n d e r - standings between us.

“We have agreed a satisfactory solution including putting in graded fencing as a replacement and replanting of hedges. The work will be complete by the middle of next week and the matter will then be closed.”