AN ARMY shake-up is expected to result in around 1,000 more jobs coming to Andover, a report from Hampshire County Council chief executive Andrew Smith revealed.

While many of the soldiers returning to the UK from Germany before 2020 are being rebased in east Wiltshire, there will be major staffing changes on this side of the county boundary.

In his report, Mr Smith said: “It is anticipated that the staffing levels of the Army headquarters in Andover will be increased by up to 1,000 staff in the next three years.

“This will have a positive impact on the economy of the Andover area and, as with the rebasing changes, negotiations are being held with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation on the detail of this expansion and resulting changes in demand for county council services.”

The changes will also bring an additional 4,200 soldiers close to Hampshire on the edge of Salisbury Plain – this is predicted to have an impact on north west Hampshire.

He added: “There is likely to be some spill-over in north-west Hampshire in traffic movements and demand for council services.

“Wiltshire Council has worked closely with the county council in sharing information as the plans have evolved and any changes in demand are being monitored, such as applications for admissions to schools in Hampshire.”