SOUTHERN Water is replacing three-quarters of a mile of ageing Victorian water main in Chilbolton with a more durable plastic pipe.

The old cast iron pipe has served the community for more than 100 years but has suffered a number of bursts in recent years.

The scheme began on Monday and is expected to finish by the end of August.

Work started on the A3057, Romsey Road, at the junction with Fullerton Road, heading south.

This will take about two weeks. Romsey Road will remain open, with temporary traffic lights.

The new main will go past the old Fullerton railway station and continue towards the public footpath, which will be closed for about four weeks.

It will then join Coley Lane, where the final quarter of a mile of pipe will be laid.

Coley Lane will remain open but with temporary traffic lights.

Project manager Peter Simmons said: “This is an essential scheme to reduce the risk of leaks, bursts and interruptions to customers’ tap water supply.

“We’ll do all we can to finish on time and keep impact to a minimum.”