A HUGE team of volunteers from Aspire Defence equipped with some high-tech tools has transformed one of Tidworth’s oldest assets.

On Friday the volunteers finished off their massive clean-up at St Mary’s Mortuary Chapel by clearing away decades of verdant growth, trees and branches and leaving behind a smart graveyard with paths and order.

The chapel has been owned and run by Tidworth Town Council for the past six years and the latest work has saved council tax payers considerable expenditure.

John Fogarty, the garrison facilities director, said: “We have had around 40 volunteers who together collected around 20 tonnes – all of which will be mulched down as green waste.

We try to support community projects which help the community and people give their own time – we provide the necessary tools and equipment.

“It would have cost a considerable sum to have the work done commercially.”

Tidworth’s mayor, Councillor Chris Franklin, said: “It is extremely community-spirited of Aspire to release volunteers for this purpose.

“They have done some fantastic work, totally transforming the area, making it open and inviting and level.

“I feel honoured that they have done this work and they must be very proud of what has been achieved.”