THE Clere School has announced the appointment of Edwards & Ward as its new catering company.

Under the new arrangements, the school is looking forward to a rich and varied menu, consisting of a range of healthy, balanced, fresh food. There is also a commitment to use regional food suppliers and farming co-operatives wherever possible, reducing ‘food miles’ and providing fresher food.

“We believe children achieve really good results when they eat well,” said Felicity Martin, headteacher at the school.

The new food has been very well received by students.

Kieren Osborne, a Year 9 student, said: “The food is much better than before because it is healthier and very fresh”.

Philippa Loxton, from Year 8, said: “The new food is much better quality. You can tell it is much fresher and it tastes a lot better. “The new fruit choices such as melons and grapes are very popular.

Year 9 student, Alfie Lawrence, said: “Today at morning break I had porridge followed by a bacon roll.

“It’s a lot healthier and fresher than the food we had before.”

Students can look forward to speciality days such as Indian, Mexican and American as well as events such as smoothie bikes.