COMMUNITY groups and individual in Tidworth who need to hire venues could be spoilt for choice in future years.

The newly opened Garrison Theatre has rooms available, while Tidworth Leisure Centre is expected to be named as the preferred location for Wiltshire Council’s “campus” project.

On Tuesday evening Tidworth councillors had renewed enthusiasm for their long-planned Civic Centre project on land in Wylye Road. If built it would be a rival for the other two prestige buildings.

At present the community centre is in a temporary building but Tidworth’s council has been building up a war chest to fund it project, which is feels would be in a more acceptable location.

Councillor Andrew Connolly said: “We can provide community space here far more cheaply than any other organisation.

One of the reasons this building is successful is that it fits the bill for space and cost and it will carry on.”

Currently the temporary building has 15 regular hirings each week.