PACKING shopping away in plastic bags was once considered part and parcel of the supermarket experience.

But more than 70 per cent of people aged 50 and over say a proposed 5p bag charge will change their shopping behaviour.

A poll carried out by Populus on Saga customers revealed 57 per cent say they intend to make more use of old bags when shopping, while ten per cent claim they will make extra effort to fit more groceries into their bags than usual.

Only one per cent of those asked said the charge will make them buy less groceries.

The 5p levy is set to be introduced next year.

Paul Green, director of communications at the Saga Group, said: “The 5p bag charge – aimed at having an impact on the environment – appears to be well received by the over-50s, who are among the most environmentally aware in the country.

“It appears they will adapt to the charge and change their habits accordingly, hopefully making the world a cleaner place for future generations.”