Following recent storm damage which left the Amport village mill stream blocked by fallen tree's a request was put out to local villagers to help lend a hand. Messages were posted on social media sites and posters put up in the village informing residents of a village working day. Despite the cold weather and the ground still being flooded underfoot , a large group of villagers turned up to help. Armed with wellies and waders , and boosted with hot tea from a local resident, they managed to clear several fallen tree's allowing the rive to run freely.

Parish Councillor, Ashley Smith said " The day was a great success , and it was wonderful to see such community spirit. Despite a few falls into the river everyone really seemed to enjoy mucking in. There is always so much work to do on the Fen keeping it all up together, that we hope to arrange some more working days over the coming year."

Based on information supplied by Tracey Smith.