TWO young people from Whitchurch presented their recommendations to Hampshire’s Police and Crime commissioner Simon Hayes as part of the Hampshire Youth Commission.

Callum Nicholson and Kirsty Francis along with 22 other members of the Youth Commission gave their feedback to the commissioner at the Winchester Discovery Centre.

Callum studies at Andover College and joined the commission as he was tired of older people making decisions on behalf of the younger generation, while Kirsty is formerly of Testbourne School and joined the commission to fight unfair prejudices against young people.

Since their first meeting in July last year the youth commission has been gathering the views of more than 2,000 young people from across Hampshire on five priority a r e a s incl u d - ing antis o c i a l behaviour, domestic abuse, relationship with the police, drug and alcohol abuse and offending and re-offending.

Five key recommendations were presented such as better education in schools, early intervention, mentoring and family support, clear and targeted information and alternative provisions.

Simon Hayes said: “I have been extremely impressed by the professionalism and enthusiasm with which the members of the Youth Commission have approached this task.

“For some of them it was the first time they participated in a scheme like this, and organising and running engagement sessions with their peers on potentially controversial issues held its own unique challenges for them.

“Their findings and recommendations provide a clear insight into the thoughts and needs of young people in our society and I will consider them carefully when directing resources and commissioning services as part of my Police and Crime Plan.

“The Youth Commission has already made a vital contribution to our Commissioning Plan and, on the basis of their contribution to the Big Conversation, I am hopeful that the commission will have a permanent role within the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office.

“For too long, young people have been seen as part of the problem. It’s now time to make them part of the solution to crime.”