HARROW Way Community School’s science team have been inspiring 49 of their Year 7 students with an interactive session at the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium as part of their studies which explore the solar system.

Science teacher Rachel Atherton said: “Experiencing the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) cannot be underestimated and such an interactive environment is the best way possible to showcase the potential and possibilities of this area of study.

“I want the students to be passionate about the STEM subjects but I want them to also see the opportunities open to them – perhaps to study these specialisms at a higher level, which could ultimately lead them to pursuing a career in one of the STEM sectors.”

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium is an interactive centre administered by the educational charity The Hampshire Technology Centre Trust Ltd, with the purpose of promoting the knowledge and understanding of STEM subjects.

There are two main elements to the centre: the main exhibition area, which features 100 hands-on exhibits, and the Astrium Planetarium, with state-ofthe- art digital ‘full-dome’ projection.

Working in small groups, using Harrow Way’s iPads, students were tasked with producing a five-minute video which demonstrated and explained three exhibits of their choice.

Ms Atherton added: “The purpose of the video exercise was to ensure that students understood both the workings of their chosen exhibits and that they could also articulate this understanding by explaining the science behind each one.

“We have a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at Harrow Way and we intend to upload these videos, thereby sharing further this learning amongst the school community.”

The winning videos, as chosen by the science teachers, all won a goody bag.