PETER Pan, the story of the mischievous, neveraging boy who can fly, was told through dance by 96 of Harrow Way Community School’s Year 9, 10 and 11 BTEC dance students.

The show, a complete sellout over three evenings, is part of the students’ assessment, contributing towards their final qualification.

With shadowy, flying silhouettes and an army of energetic Lost Boys the students danced their way through the famous story incorporating various genres, including contemporary and jazz.

The finale involved the entire cast in a fight scene, which culminated in all 96 students dancing the final routine together on stage.

Teacher Lyndsey Walker said: “The students have been working on the project since October 2013, learning the complex choreography to the numerous dances. It has been hard work but the students all thoroughly enjoy dance and have put in huge amounts of effort to ensure they deliver a show which they can be very proud of and the audiences very impressed with.”